Police to provide visible presence as new lockdown rules come into force


Cheshire Police are urging local residents to keep playing their part in tackling the coronavirus crisis.

As the easing of restrictions started on Wednesday, 13th May, those living and working in the county are being urged to be aware of the new guidelines and continue to stay at home where they can.

Chief Constable Darren Martland said: "The community spirit shown by residents across Cheshire during the lockdown has been remarkable and I want to thank every single person who has played their part in helping to keep the nation safe.

"It has been really encouraging to see that the vast majority of residents have been sticking to the guidelines and, from today, we really need to ensure that this continues.

"Many are now able to spend more time outdoors and it is really important that people take personal responsibility, know what the remaining regulations are and think very carefully about where they are going and how they will be able to keep their distance from others in order to keep everyone safe."

PCSOs and members of the Special Constabulary have been working to provide a visible presence in the local community during the past few months which will continue along with patrols in and around key locations, including schools and business premises – both open and closed – to provide vital reassurance.

Chief Constable Martland added "In England, the police role has changed as public health regulations have changed. We police by consent and our overall aim is to continue to encourage and support our local communities to comply fully with the remaining restrictions that are in place.

"Our officers will continue to engage with the public, talking from a safe distance, explain the remaining measures and what they mean and encourage people to do the right thing and abide by them of their own accord.

"We will use common sense and discretion to determine what is reasonable. Officers do not want to have to use enforcement powers but it is right that they are still able to take action against those who disregard the rules and, in doing so, are potentially putting people at risk.

"It is important to remember that officers across Cheshire are working hard to keep everyone safe in what remain challenging circumstances and we all need to work together to get through this.

"I want to reassure all residents that we are here to serve and protect and maintain the best service to the public and we will continue to work as hard as we can, alongside our partners, to keep you safe, protect our officers and staff, and support the nationwide response."

David Keane, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, said: "It is still very much necessary to keep to many of the lockdown measures in place in order to stop the spread of the virus, protect our NHS and save lives.

"I've been extremely impressed with how, so far, the vast majority of Cheshire residents have followed the guidance and I would like to thank them for their care.

"This has enabled minimal levels of enforcement action with Cheshire Constabulary adopting the approach of engaging, explaining and encouraging the public to abide by the measures before considering the use of the new enforcement powers.

"In my role as Police and Crime Commissioner, I will continue to monitor the policing of the new measures via weekly meetings with the Chief Constable. If local residents have any questions, I'd be grateful to receive these for my weekly reassurance meetings with the Chief Constable where questions will be considered and individual answers provided to residents."



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Mark Eden
Wednesday 20th May 2020 at 9:14 am
Funny how the police were overstretched before CV19 with them very rarely to be seen......except after the event. Now they are everywhere. Soft on crime soft on the causes of crime.