Teatime treat for our most vulnerable and isolated residents

Some of our most vulnerable, elderly or isolated residents have been cheered up with the delivery of a free teatime treat.

Fosters have been providing portions of fish and chips to a couple of dozen local residents who are most in need as a way of giving something back to the community.

Gaz and Kath approached Councillor Craig Browne during the early stages of the lockdown and asked him to identify elderly, vulnerable or isolated local residents and to help them put together a delivery round.

The initiative was launched on Friday 17th April and since then Councillor Browne as been joined by other members of the Parish Council who have been helping out with the deliveries.

Gaz and Kath subsequently decided that they would like to offer the same service to a different group of residents on Wednesday evenings and this has recently launched with the help of volunteers from St Philip & St James Church.

Councillor Craig Browne said "The intention is to continue to provide this support to some of our most elderly, vulnerable or isolated residents for the remainder of the lockdown. I therefore asked the Parish Council to approve a small contribution from the Civic Fund, as a gesture to recognise the costs that Fosters are incurring on an indefinite basis."

He added "I think this is a lovely initiative and I would like to thank Gaz and Kath for approaching me with the idea in the first place. I know that all the recipients I deliver to are really appreciative and look forward to their teatime treat on a Wednesday or Friday. During what is for many a very difficult time, this is a really positive story of people helping others."


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