Council urges residents to only put the correct items in their garden waste

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Cheshire East Council is urging local residents to only put the correct items in your green bin.

A spokesperson for the Council said "Unfortunately we have seen a huge increase in contamination in our food waste recycling including plastics, cardboard and glass. These are NOT to be placed with your garden waste."

Click here for a list of what you can and cannot place in your food caddy or garden waste bin.

Residents are also being asked not to put additional rubbish out for collection alongside their bins.

A spokesperson for the Council said "Please don't leave excess waste outside with your regular collections – this is classed as fly tipping. Any excess waste should be stored appropriately until you are able to dispose of it safely and correctly."



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David Blow
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 1:34 am
I agree with council’s advice, however with most people at home we are probably making more waste and doing more in the garden with the fine weather. All our bins are overflowing before collection times and the tip is not open.
The Council could improve the service rather than accuse people of fly tipping. I am sure a few people are fly tipping but mostly we want the facility to dump our excess rubbish appropriately. We are all in this mess together so please try helping everyone. Has a neighbour got some spare room in their bin and is it really fly tipping to put excess out for collection when there are no reasonable alternatives?
Why is it not possible to follow the supermarket example and form an orderly queue at a tip whilst maintaining social distancing. We do not need any further illness due to filthy bins and excess rubbish spreading more germs let’s protect the NHS.