Initial proposals to transform town centre eyesore revealed

Initial proposals to redevelop a prominent town centre site have been unveiled to members of the public.

Annabelle Tugby Architects, a local architecture practice based in Styal, have been working with Property Alliance Group on the proposal for a 4 star hotel and restaurant to replace the 'eyesore' that is Tescos and the former sports bar on Alderly Road.

Susie Fairbank Angus said "Being just down the road from Wilmslow, we feel invested in the future of the area. The Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan pinpointed the Tescos Alderley Road site as one that is in need of development and therefore we think it is a great opportunity for a high quality piece of architecture to be part of the wider masterplan for the area.

"Over the past month we have met with members of Cheshire East Council, Wilmslow Town Council, Residents of Wilmslow and Transition Wilmslow to discuss the site and proposal which we have found to be very informative throughout the process so far."

A public consultation, held at Wilmslow Library on Tuesday 10th December, was attended by about 100 people who were able to view the scheme, which included a model and sketches.

Susie added "At this point our proposal is only at the initial feasibility stage so the design is by no means final, therefore we wanted to get as much feedback as possible! We showed a physical card model and sketches of our initial proposal (images above) which helped to communicate our ideas to the public. We found the model was a great way of encouraging the visitors to engage with the scheme and give us their thoughts and ideas.

"We really enjoyed meeting and talking to so many local people, and we hope that those who came along found it to be interesting."

Below is an overview of the feedback they gathered:

  • It was agreed that it's a great opportunity to create a high quality building in Wilmslow and hopefully will be a catalyst for other high quality developments to arise in the area.
  • The proposal of a hotel and restaurant was well received and the design was regarded as being a big improvement on the existing eyesore!
  • There was an overall opinion that the proposal has a good opportunity to improve the surrounding public realm ; something that we are keen to focus on.

The following are the main queries and their responses


  • Some people were concerned that the proposal of a hotel could add to the issue of car parking in Wilmslow. We appreciate this and are aware of the excess of traffic and parking problems that the centre currently has.
  • Town centre hotels do not usually have dedicated car parks and it is expected that any requirement from the hotel users for car parking will fall overnight when car parking isn't such an issue in Wilmslow.
  • It would be great if, as the WNP states, public transport links could be improved to reduce the reliance of cars working towards a greener future.

Hotel Viability - Is a hotel right for the site?

  • The interested hoteliers have done their research and concluded that Wilmslow is a great location for a hotel.
  • A hotel would improve the growing visitors economy of the area, bringing more people and business to the local shops and restaurants of Wilmslow.

Susie explained "We now hope to build on the feedback received and work towards developing an elegant and well considered design. This remains a once in a generation opportunity to upgrade this key site in Wilmslow as a result of the lease coming to an end on Tescos, with a scheme that will improve this eyesore and help set the agenda for new developments in Wilmslow."

They intend to submit a planning application in the new year.

Alderley Road


Here's what readers have had to say so far. Why not add your thoughts below.

Vince Chadwick
Saturday 14th December 2019 at 7:33 pm
I applaud the proposal to redevelop the eyesore that is the present site, but come on, this proposal isn't visually any better than what's there now - maybe even worse.

It is brutalist! It's a mish-mash of un co-ordinated unimaginative boxy structures above what looks like threateningly dark spaces. It has all the elegance and subtle design of a 1950s military barracks.

Where's the imagination? Where is the creativity? If the architects can't come up with something that lifts the soul in this prime town-centre site, get architects who can! Whatever is built there will there for a long time. Let's get it right!
Jeremy Levy
Tuesday 17th December 2019 at 4:03 pm
What a fantastic project, this would really enhance the town centre and be a real boost to the local economy.
I sincerely hope this development gets the support it deserves.
Claire Brown
Tuesday 17th December 2019 at 6:04 pm
Boring and unimaginative. I agree with earlier comment.
Why do we only think about restaurants, coffee bars, and now hotels? Can't we have something cultural instead for example? Why not an art gallery, or a theatre, or both? A development that has a few activities and experiences not just some dull hotel to attract yet more people not from the area. Something for the community.
Deborah Slade
Wednesday 18th December 2019 at 7:02 am
Firstly, if Tesco is going to vacate the premises what is going to happen to the Post Office?

Secondly, is Wilmslow so much of a destination that a new hotel will be viable?

This site would be a good place for an indoor market in the mould of Altrincham and now Stockport.
Gordon Massey
Wednesday 18th December 2019 at 7:06 am
I agree with other comments made, come on, of the great designs and opportunities available, that’s what the architects come up with, where’s grand designs when you need them.
David Russell
Tuesday 10th March 2020 at 9:44 pm
In response to disappointing, negative comments I would first like to start by thanking all those positive, intelligent and imaginative people who have applauded the scheme and can see the true value it will bring to the people of Wilmslow.

As for Vince’s comments where he actually believes it is no different to what is currently there, an eyesore. I really don’t think I need to qualify his experience, or knowledge if any, to pass architectural comment as he clearly does not have any !!

In regards to Claire’s comment art galleries and theatres are not the responsibility of the developer. These are dreams which you should take up with your local council and should not object if there are significant increases in taxes , rates etc , in order to achieve these cultural fantasies.

The fact is Wilmslow high street, like most, is in severe decline and a four or five star hotel will bring more people into Wilmslow and help bring much needed increased revenue. I’m guessing Claire and Vince go to the retail parks and out of town discount stores!

Have either of you walked around Wilmslow recently? Have either of you read any design or architecture books recently? We are a multi award winning developer consistently producing outstanding buildings. We are very proud of what we produce and also the community that we live in and contribute to substantially.

I bought this site because it is in a prominent position and without doubt a real blight on Wilmslow's main thoroughfare. It has been and continues to be, an eyesore probably for over a decade . Wilmslow needs quality design and the best architecture possible. In Annabelle Tugby Architects we have selected a local practice who are equally passionate about Wilmslow and produce sensitive designs based on The Rex.

High-value operators and more footfall which produces larger mix of a spending public equals increase collection of taxes and rates by your authority they can start to plan the very quality and culture needed for our town. Thankfully your view is in the minority and we don’t need to rely on your lack of vision to be making this scheme to receive the go ahead for the 98% majority . It would be interesting to know On what basis you offer your comments ?
Kareem Masdoon
Tuesday 10th March 2020 at 10:34 pm
David Russell people are entitled to raise queries and objections on here, it is a forum after all. Perhaps many residents now have a jaundiced view of developers and you can thank your fellow developers who build horrendous Mc' Mansions or " iceberg" homes and cause endlesss disruption for this We are told all this luxe development is good as it helps push up house prices sp we should thus "embrace" the vast number of developments in our area. Some of us (unlike greedy developers are NOT obssessed with money and fast rising house prices). We want to enjoy our homes and not have to suffer years of blight and misery as one after another houses are demolished bmnearby to build a footballer's pad which is then often left empty. Decent residents of Trafford Road Alderley have put up with 14 years of this utter purgatory. With contractors parking everywhere . Obstructing roads and entrances, vast rivers of mud run off because the greedy ruthless developers pay lipservice to planning conditions stating wheel washers must be used on their sites. Contractors in Alderley road near Travis Perkins parking all along the cycle path putting out illegal cones because they are too lazy to walk. Putting School kid cyclists lives in danger they do not care. As another comnenter here once said "our towns are treated like Dodge City by some developers and contractors" . You may be one of the good guys but perhaps you should call to account the other lot who have so damaged your profession's reputation. If some residents feel antipathy and "ennui" you cannot blame them.
Sandra Cox
Wednesday 11th March 2020 at 7:31 am
Thank you Kareem Masdoon for your post. I can identify with every word you say. We live in a narrow private road and we and our neighbours exist behind rows of cones in order to try and prevent the years of damage to the front of our houses by builders who frankly couldn't care less. When I go out I never know if I will be able to access my drive when I return and a polite request to move is often greeted by laughter or blind insolence and certainly resistance - everyday at the moment here is a 'fight' to protect one's property and have the freedom to come and go. The help and understanding we have received over the years from the Police has kept me sane but planning law needs to be changed to include much greater protection for the neighbours and more consideration for their quality of life before an application is approved while these endless developments take place.
Kareem Masdoon
Wednesday 11th March 2020 at 8:55 am
Yes Sandra it does seem that anyone can set themselves up as a Developer these days and get a gang of out of town contractors assembled on a site. Some of these builds literally last for years and when they have finally gone a new eyesore will be being worked on nearby. There is literally no respite for other householders and thus the quality of life in a luxury area plummets. Further it is utterly ridiculous that luxury homes are demolished and rebuilt to take advantage of a loophole i.e zero VAT....(a law established by George Osborne with the laudable aim of helping new build shortage in affordable housing. ) This is shameful exploitation by multi millionaires and needs tightening up. Already on Macclesfield road "Gin Palaces" which were built on a demolished site 20 years ago are now themselves being demolished. Greed and wastefulness