Meet the candidates - General Election hustings in Alderley Edge

Electors will have the chance to hear from and put their questions to the Tatton candidates who are standing in next month's General Election.

St Philip And St James are hosting an election hustings Q&A with the candidates standing for the Tatton constituency in the General Election on the 12th of December.

Local residents are invited to go along to hear what they have to say, and have an opportunity to field your own concerns on Thursday, 5th December from 7.30pm to 120pm.

The 4 Tatton Constituency candidates who will be participating are:

• Nigel Robert Hennerley, Green Party

• Esther McVey, The Conservative Party

• Jonathan Paul Smith, Liberal Democrat

• James Martin Owain Weinberg, Labour Party

Green Party members in Tatton constituency again selected local campaigner Nigel Hennerley to contest the general election on Thursday, 12th December.

Nigel, from High Legh, said: "The Green Party believes that the only sensible thing to do given this EU membership crisis, given that so much has changed and has been distorted, is to go back to the people, and allow people to vote for the deal they want. Whether that is to Leave the EU and under what terms or the opportunity to vote to Remain in the EU and recognise that perhaps that is the best deal.

"This situation has been dealt to us from a fractured Conservative Party, which has infected the whole country. We must now allow the Country an opportunity to resolve this crisis.

"Moving forward, Climate Change needs to be central to all our plans.

"Next year will see the 26th Conference of Parties - the UN conference on climate change - taking place in the UK. This may well be our last chance to avert irreversible climate chaos for our children's generation and beyond.

"Schemes like HS2 contradict what the science tells us. Ever more airport expansion and economic growth based on business as usual. The challenge is how we can thrive sustainably and perhaps swap GDP for Greater Wellbeing. Using enormous amounts of energy just to travel a bit quicker is no alternative to better public transport links and improving existing rail services."

Before the dissolution of Parliament, Esther McVey was the Member of Parliament for Tatton and the Minister for Housing.

Esther, who trained as a lawyer before working as a producer and broadcaster for the BBC, said "Locally, my priorities will continue to be supporting residents. Since 2017 I have worked on over 14000 individual issues for constituents. I have visited schools, charities, voluntary groups and businesses across the constituency and have heard about their successes and challenges. As an MP, I have been able to help address some of those challenges and I look forward to be able to continue that work.

"I see local connectivity as an important issue- whether that is improving train services in terms of reliability and capacity and getting the services promised from Northwich to Manchester, or local bus services where we continue to see services reduced. The concern for me is the disproportionate impact on vulnerable residents. I have conversations with local residents and at government, local government and business level on these issues and I will continue to do that till we get services that work for residents.

"We have great local community groups who do a fantastic job looking after the local environment- whether that is In Bloom or the Clean teams in Wilmslow and Alderley or Plastic Free Wilmslow. Most recently I was delighted to meet the national Judges for Wilmslow In Bloom and to take park in Plastic Free Wilmslow by auditing my constituency office and committing to reducing the use of single use plastic. I look forward to being able to continue that work, if re-elected.

"Nationally, we have to get on and deliver Brexit. That way we can get on with the other issues, national and global, that are important to us all. All parties promised to honour the result of the referendum and we need to do that. The continued extensions are paralysing business and making it difficult for people to plan.

'I am delighted to have been selected to fight the Tatton seat again on behalf of the Conservative party. It has been a privilege to meet so many residents over the last two and a half years and to be welcomed into the community. I am looking forward to continue the work we have been doing together.

"I have helped secure government funds for the local area- whether that was for disabled access at Handforth station, local infrastructure, landing enforcement or potholes. If I am re-elected I will continue to ensure we get that type of funding."

Tatton Lib Dems announced their candidate, Jonathan Smith in September.

Jonathan has been a member of the Liberal Democrats, and their predecessors, for 37 years. He has been married for 45 years, with four children and five grand-children. He and his wife Alison have lived in Bowdon for over 26 years. He has been a Director of Social Services and an NHS Chief Executive.

Jonathan said: "It is with humility and pride that I now take on the responsibility of representing our Party in the Tatton Constituency for the upcoming General Election. My aim, with our great team of activists and supporters, is to make a powerful and winning case for liberal democracy, for confronting the major challenges of the climate emergency, for a root-and-branch rebuilding of our NHS, and for remaining in Europe. Above all, I am setting out to show that politicians can listen, can be radical, and can be trusted."

Dr James Weinberg, a 29-year old Lecturer in Politics at the University of Sheffield, has been selected Labour Party candidate for Tatton. James lived in Wilmslow from the age of four, attended Ashdene Primary School and then Wilmslow High School, where he was head boy.

James told "This election is a critical opportunity to change the tone and direction of British politics for the better. A Labour government will reinvest in our frontline services and tackle crises in social care, education and the NHS. It will update our transport systems and revolutionise the economy to save the planet. It will represent everyone of every background and every faith, and it is the only main party that will give the British people a final say on our relationship with the European Union."

Speaking specifically about Tatton, James commented: "The good people of Tatton and its businesses are carrying the weight of extreme policies pursued by this Government. The Conservatives lost control of East Cheshire Council for the first time ever this year and I believe that result sends a strong message that the people of Tatton are ready for real change."

"Other parties will try to distract the electorate by calling this the 'Brexit election'. Don't be fooled. This election is also about electing a government with a firm commitment to tackling the climate crisis. It is an election on the future of the NHS, on quality and sustainable education, on eradicating food poverty, and on affordable transport. This election is an opportunity to give Tatton and the rest of the country an alternative political future that works for everyone in society. That is why I'm standing as a Labour Party candidate."

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Phtoos: Nigel Hennerley, Esther McVey, Jonathan Smith and James Weinberg.

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