Plans submitted for new business park on former Green Belt

Outlines plans have been submitted to Cheshire East Council for an office development at a new business park located on land to the west of the A34 Bypass at Pendleton Way and east of railway line.

The site for the new 'Wilmslow Business Park', which is currently agriculture land, lies south of Wilmslow High School and north of The Royal London site.

The application relates to the land located within the southern portion of the widerWilmslow Business Park site, which was removed from the Green Belt in 2017 and has been allocated for employment use in Cheshire East Local Plan. Design features have been incorporated in to the Illustrative Masterplan to enable the northern part of the 4 hectare site to be developed in the future.

The initial plans are for the erection of up to 17,162m2 of office floorspace across 8 units and ancillary amenity space along with 572 car parking spaces and a cycle hub.

Access to the site will be via a new junction from the north bound carriageway on the A34 bypass, which was was granted planning permission in October 2017.

Pedestrian and cyclist access has been accommodated within the Illustrative Masterplan, for potential future connection to an existing underpass under the railway on the south side of the site, or via an existing footpath to the north of the site. Further routes through the north of the site, linking with the existing public footpath adjacent to the school's all weather playing pitches are also being explored following recent discussions with Wilmslow High School.

The Illustrative Masterplan shows a potential 'campus-style' development surrounded by green spaces and cycle routes. The buildings are expected to be highly glazed, though the layout and appearance of the buildings will be subject to tenants' individual requirements and further planning applications.

The plans, submitted on behalf of A & HD Wain, can be viewed on the Cheshire East Council website by searching for planning reference 19/4759M.



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Paul Mcwilliam
Wednesday 23rd October 2019 at 12:48 pm
It seems to me that all traffic entering the Business Park must come in from the Whitehall Bridge Roundabout (Harden Park). So, traffic coming from north of Wilmslow will have to go past and turn back, and conversely all traffic leaving the Park heading south will have to first go north on the Bypass and turn back at the High School roundabout.
572 car parking spaces it says!
That's a lot of extra traffic turning the Bypass into a de facto One Way System.
Fiona Doorbar
Thursday 24th October 2019 at 4:26 am
The council should be urged to use this pocket of land to expand the high school. New houses are going up all over and the school is already past breaking point
Either build another high school or extend WHS as the current situation is terrible for our 11year olds trying to get a place at their local school of choice with many being shipped out to other, further flung schools which causes upset and clogged roads
Craig Browne
Thursday 24th October 2019 at 2:37 pm
Hi Fiona,

The parcel of land proposed for the new "Wilmslow Business Park" was removed from the green belt and identified as being appropriate for development for future employment (commercial) use when the Cheshire East Local Plan was approved in July 2017.

Whilst Cheshire East Council is giving consideration to different options with respect to extending Wilmslow High School, it would be unable to use this particular parcel for that purpose, given its designation for employment use in the approved Local Plan.

Kind regards,