Garage celebrates 100 years of servicing cars in Alderley

The Tower Garage on Wilmslow Road is celebrating it's hundredth year in business which they believe makes it the oldest garage in England to remain on its original site.

To mark the milestone for the first two weeks in November Tower Garage will be running a "retro fuel forecourt" fortnight and a number of offers to celebrate their centenary and show appreciation to their loyal customers.

During this time there will be the following offers:

  • 10p reduction (in conjunction with Texaco star rewards programme) in the price per litre of petrol and diesel
  • FREE attendant service – we will fuel up your car and check water levels
  • FREE car wash on the purchase of 40 litres of fuel
  • Lanson Pink Champagne reduced from £37 to £26

Additionally, the car service department and Aldeli have got the following offers running:

  • £25 0ff next car service
  • FREE wheel alignment - with tyres (worth £54)
  • FREE car wash and wax - when you buy 40L of fuel or more
  • £20 off air-con regas
  • 100 FREE coffee draw
  • Breakfast and Coffee £3 - one coffee and continental breakfast. Offer applies during October only

The plot of land occupied now by The Tower Garage was formerly a coaching station. These stables were commissioned by a local resident and well-heeled businessman named James Jardine.

In 1919, The Tower Garage was formed as a limited company to cater for all the needs of motorists. This meant they offered not just car repairs but insurance, bodywork, fuel, and even driving lessons. Over the years the garage held several franchises for such historic marques including Morris, MG, Riley, Jowett and Wolseley.

In 1960, the managing partner of the business, Mr Todd, died suddenly and the business was put up for sale. Paul Higham - an aeronautical and automobile engineer who originated from Iran - bought the business as a going concern.

In 1961 a space-age fuel station and car showroom was built, the design of which was quite radical the time and incorporated a cantilevered roof and futuristic 'flying saucer' shaped building. The purpose of the building was to showcase Total Oil Company's fuel and lubricant range, which at the time were new to the UK.

Paul Higham was later joined in the business by two of his sons - Mark and Stephen Higham. Twenty years later they diversified into car leasing and prestige car sales.

Stephen Higham explained "I shared my fathers love of cars and spent a lot of my school holidays working at garage in various capacities until 1974 when I joined full time. Mark my youngest brother joined some 10 years later.

"Fast forward 50 years, we decided to convert the former car showroom into a deli in 2011 which my daughter Ilana now runs. So although my father now being retired, we have enjoyed three generations of our family working together.

Mark now operates the car servicing/MOT side of the business and our very busy convenience store/car wash and fuel station is run by Michael Clarke.

"It goes without saying, 100 years have brought so many changes in lifestyle and technology, however something we are reminded of is; a friendly, welcoming face and good service goes a long, long way - 100 years in fact - somewhere we wouldn't be without our loyal and long standing customers. Here's to them."

Photos: Paul Higham at opening of the new showroom circa 1960.

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Vince Chadwick
Tuesday 15th October 2019 at 9:29 pm
What happened to that lovely tower, visible in the picture above, that the garage was named after?