Changes to bin collection days

Cheshire East bins

Residents are being advised that recycling and waste collection days will be changing for most households from Monday, 4th November.

Stickers will start to be fixed to bins during waste collections over the next few weeks to give advance notice of the possible changes. These stickers will advise residents to look out for a new calendar, with a new collection schedule and the new time of 6.30am to have their bins ready for collection. These calendars will be posted to households and will arrive from 21st October onwards.

Most residents will be affected by the upcoming changes – however some may find their collection days remain the same.

The Council says these alterations to collection days will allow Cheshire East Council, along with Ansa Environmental Services, a Cheshire East Council company created in 2014, to maximise efficiency and deliver best value to residents by optimising routes and rotas.

Key dates for residents to be aware of are:

  • 25 September onwards – stickers will start to appear on bins to give advance notice of the possible changes;
  • 21 October onwards - new calendars with new collection schedules and the new time for putting your bins out by 6.30am will arrive with households;
  • 4 November - changes to recycling and waste collections will take effect;
  • 23 December and 3 January - there will be no garden waste bin collections between these dates; 
  • If your recycling or waste bin is due to be emptied on the Christmas and New Year bank holidays, please see your calendar as your collection days will change.

All of the above is detailed on the new calendars that residents will receive.

Councillor Brian Roberts, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for highways and waste, said: "The council is committed to improving the recycling and waste collection service for residents. These changes will allow our vehicle rounds to make our bin collections more efficient."

From January 2020, a new food waste collection service will be introduced. Full details of this will be advised in the next few months. In the meantime, residents are reminded that they may be asked to place their bins out on new days from 6.30am and are encouraged to keep their new calendars safe, to remember the new dates for waste and recycling collections.

The new bin collection route information will display on the Cheshire East Council website from 4th November. Current collection routes and information will show until this date.