Fake Scottish bank notes circulating

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Residents and businesses are being urged to be extra vigilant after a number of counterfeit Scottish £20 and £50 bank notes have started to circulate in the Handforth and Wilmslow area.

Sergeant Kelly Johnston said: "We have received reports of fake notes popping up in Handforth and Wilmslow and we are advising local businesses to be aware and make the necessary checks to ensure the notes they are given are genuine. We are also urging shoppers to remain vigilant and to report any suspected fake notes to police.

"Holding onto counterfeit notes is a criminal offence so if you discover that you are in possession of a fake note, please do not try and use it or pass it on. The advice is to hand it into your nearest bank."

Businesses are advised to take on board the following:

Be vigilant and use a UV marker pen on £20 notes - a genuine note does not absorb the liquid from a UV marker pen.
• Check for raised print - in particular across the bit that says 'Bank of England'.
• Check the metallic thread - this should appear as a continuous line if held up to the light.
• Check the watermark.
• Check the print quality - the images should be sharp and not blurred.
• Check the hologram.
• Check with ultra-violet light - if you put the note under a UV light its value appears in bright red and green numbers while the rest of the note remains dull.
• Check the microlettering under the Queen's head as this will give the value of the note written in letters and numerals.

Anyone with any information in relation to fake banknotes is urged to contact police immediately on 101.

Alternatively information can also be given anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.