Drop in session on draft proposals for car parking, housing development and green spaces


Local residents, businesses and employees are being invited to attend a drop in session today (Tuesday, 13th August) to learn more about the draft proposals being put forward for housing development, car parking, protection of green spaces, the local economy and infrastructure in Alderley Edge.

Following three years of gathering evidence, researching and consulting, the draft version of the Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is now available for public consultation and those with an interest in the village are being encourage to attend the first of two drop-ins at Alderley Edge Library from 5pm to 8pm today.

Copies of the draft NDP will also be available to view along with questionnaires for your feedback.

The Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), which is available for public consultation until September 12th, includes a draft vision, 7 objectives linked to the key planning themes of the plan and 21 draft policies which have been put together to help deliver sustainable development in Alderley Edge up until 2030.

Sarah Greenwood, Co-Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan group, explained "Neighbourhood Development Plans are a new type of planning policy document, prepared by local residents, to guide new development within the local area. They are used alongside local authority (here, Cheshire East Council) and national planning policy documents, to help determine planning applications. NDPs are powerful tools and present significant opportunities for local people to have a real say in shaping development within their local area."

She added "Alderley Edge is an attractive target location for developers and without robust Plan policies, residents and businesses would forfeit their right to shape the future development of the village. The NDP also addresses residents' concerns over parking, ensuring a strong local economy and maintaining the character of the village."

Click here to view the draft Neighbourhood Plan and complete the online questionnaire.

A second drop-in session will be held on 10th September at Alderley Edge Library from 5pm to 8pm.

Following the informal public consultation on the draft NDP in August and September, the NDP group will consider all the responses, revise the draft NDP and then publish the final version of the draft NDP for the required 6 week formal consultation later in 2019. Following this the NDP will be further revised and then submitted to Cheshire East Council who will check it and publish it for a further 6 weeks consultation.

The NDP then will be examined by an independent examiner who is likely to recommend further changes before the NDP is subjected to a local referendum within Alderley Edge. If there is a majority Yes vote, the NDP will be adopted by Cheshire East Council and used to help determine planning applications alongside Cheshire East's own planning policies and national policy.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group hope to achieve all this and have a Neighbourhood Development Plan in place by mid-2020.

Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan


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Duncan Herald
Tuesday 13th August 2019 at 1:03 pm
Sadly I cannot attent the meeting.
May I mention re. Green Spaces, that it seems to me that intentions for the development of the park will reduce the amount of Green Space with a resultant lowering in Biology Variety and thus a lowering of niches/habitats and so a lowering of Species Variation.
David Smith
Tuesday 13th August 2019 at 5:05 pm
Not much notice - or have I missed a previous 'advert'? Trying to keep it quiet and stop anyone making adverse comments?