'We need an active group' to make our village more sustainable


Local residents are being invited to join a group of people who will be focussing on make Alderley Edge a more sustainable village.

Lydia Grantham explained "People across the world are starting to realise that we must act now before we run out of time. Alderley Edge is no different and we must all individually play our part in actively helping make a difference.

"We already have a wide variety of ideas coming together from residents and those who are keen to see real progress within in our community. We are also aware that others in communities near us are also engaged in similar discussions."

Lydia added "We want to make our village into a more sustainable environment so it can be enjoyed by generations to come. But we need an active group to come together to lead our thoughts and actions."

If you would like to contribute the group will be hosting their first meeting in September where they will be inviting representatives from Transition Wilmslow to share their experience and stories.

Email Lydia Grantham if you would like to take part or know a bit more about the group and what they want to achieve.

Once the details of the first meeting are confirmed I will add them to the events calendar.



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Tony Haluradivth
Thursday 8th August 2019 at 9:00 pm
Sorry I do not recognise you Lydia are you on the parish council? The latest magazine was awful btw..quite patronising in tone and shoving Greta Thunberg fown our throats and some pathetic "shaming" . Alderley First were supposed to be apolitical
Jon Williams
Friday 9th August 2019 at 7:14 am
We need a group to stop houses being built on green belt land !
Claire MacLeod
Friday 9th August 2019 at 9:23 am
Morning, Tony. I'm not sure how an article about creating a group of volunteers to look at the village's sustainability prompted you to post a comment criticising the most recent Parish Council's newsletter?

On the subject of 'pathetic', might it be more useful and constructive if you were to either volunteer to assist the many voluntary groups that exist to improve our village, than sit on your high horse and pass judgement on their efforts? I see, for example, that elsewhere on this site you are critical about the recent housing development proposals. Have you contemplated getting involved with the group who have been working on the Neighbourhood Plan for the last three years, which aims to influence future housing development (see most recent PC newsletter)? Or would that be beneath you? It is so much easier to criticise and judge the work of those people trying to make a positive difference, than actually become a part of the solution (which, of course, would mean getting your hands dirty).

And, for what it's worth, I completely disagree with your harsh criticism of the newsletter. I thought it was bright, colourful, upbeat, informative and engaging. I'm not sure one mention of Greta Thunberg, a 15 year old Swedish school girl who is famous because of her concern about what your and my generations have done to the planet, qualifies as 'shoving' her 'down our throats'. I'm confident that you are in the minority, with your callous dismissiveness about the damage being done to our planet, and the genuine concern being expressed by younger generations.

Perhaps you would have preferred the newsletter to be more downbeat and negative? Or simply no newsletter or engagement with the public at all, like the previous Tory Parish Council?

With some people, you just can't win.
Kriss Coombes
Friday 9th August 2019 at 4:05 pm
Thanks for articulating my exact thoughts.
Tony, had you bothered to read the newsletter properly before condemning it, you would have seen that Lydia is not a member of the Parish Council and she does invite anyone who wishes to know more about her to contact her by email, (bottom of page 4)
Tony Haluradivth
Monday 12th August 2019 at 10:23 am
Sorry ladies you know nothing about me or what I have "done" in the past I am in my mid eighties now and have volunteered in in various roles in times gone by (perhaps NOT recently or all in Alderley Edge ) but have done some charity work (in Germany) when I was much younger and volunteered to serve my country in the Armed Forces by staying on as a regular after my National Service.
I stand by my comments that I voted for Alderley First because they were aplolitical. The article about Climate Change was "preachy" in tone and condescending and felt like we were very much being "told off" by an irate teacher. To clarify... Greta Thunberg's parents are in Show "biz"and her Theatrical agent father clearly wants to launch his child on the Global stage (despite her mental health issues)so excuse me if I do not "swoon" over this new "demi God". I am too long in the tooth for the likes of Bono, Thunberg , Geldof, and the awful hypocrite Emma Thompson. I am very anti pollution but feel that the UK achieving zero carbon in 2025 is dangerous nonsense propagated by the likes of ER and Thunberg. Even if we switched everything off and wore hemp and ate grass it would be like Canute holding back the waves. The North Atlantic Ocean temperatures have been significantly cooler the last 2 weeks (that from the Met Office) and yet we are also told that the oceans are warming rapidly. Temperatures in the Antarctic show significant cooling. Sun spots have an effect on the earth's climate even Jeremy Corbyn's own brother believes that. There is NOT 100 % worldwide scientific consensus on AGW (despite what we are told by the BBC and CNN) there are still many Scientific voices who are reasonably sceptical and yet who are drowned out. As I said, pollution we should try to address as that IS a man/woman made issue but Thunberg and all her new actor pals are too damn scared to go preach to the worst polluters China and India (for fear of arrest). So yes I do take issue in being barracked and talked down to by the 'internet generation' and their obsession with "identity politics. Having endured the privations of War my generation were taught not to waste a thing and were NOT consumers in the way many "millenials" and their parents perhaps are. So keep the Parish magazine how it was or it will go straight in my recycling or compost bin. I am entitled to my viewpoint as you are entitled to yours however you too are coming off a tad bossy. (My son in law who lives in Alderley also found the tone of the newsletter patronising as did a few chums in the Pub when mentioning it last week but they do not all come on this forum to "vent" ;)
How about we all take on the idiots who zoom up and down the high street revving their noisy polluting engines I am happy to remonstrate with them in a semi jokey way and get still a load of invective for my trouble ( as happened last week) .I am happy to carry on picking up litter along as I walk around the village and ask dog owners not to leave their dogs "poo bags" dangling on a bush up at the Edge. I smile nicely and say "I think you dropped something" it mostly works. Making Alderley the lovely place it used to be is more about addressing selfish, entitled, behaviour and the reapacioys greed of Developers than virtue signalling about Greta Thunberg 'et al'. As the Americans say "Have a good day"
Duncan Herald
Wednesday 14th August 2019 at 9:10 am

you chastise Tony for his mentioning the Parish Council's newsletter but then throw in a complaint about what you allege was a fault with the last Conservative Parish Council.

Goose and Gander?
Kriss Coombes
Wednesday 14th August 2019 at 4:10 pm
I have no desire to continue this conversation as we are unlikely ever to agree and it will just become tedious. However, I would just like you to consider, that whatever you think of Greta, your reference to some mental illness and her father's theatrical background takes me back to my childhood, in the early 30's when these people were stigmatised and their opinions were considered worthless, I thought that some 80 + years on, and mental illness on the increase, we were more enlightened and that Greta etc., like us, has every right to have her say. It's about respect.
Tony Haluradivth
Thursday 15th August 2019 at 7:43 pm
Kriss you actually did contiue the conversation. Newsflash ...Greta Thunberg is entitled to her opinion but she is still a child with not fully formed adult brain (as are ALL) 16 year olds . We are also entitled not to have her rammed down our throats and if we choose to disdain her proseltysing we are entitled not to be treated like medieval heretics or outcasts from the Plymouth Bretheren. The adulation shown to that young girl is scary and cultish and as I said before I do not worship celebrity demi Gods. Interestingly I gleaned fom the Guardian that the Thunbergs have a very unsavoury history. Her grandfather and uncles were criminal psychopaths in Sweden. They were violent bank robbers in 80's and hard huge arms caches and were found guilty of various fire bombings. Their gang (Thunberg brothers) were know as "The Military Gang). I believe that Greta's father has inherited this madness in his zeal to promote his young daughter and push her on the world stage. It is tantamount to child abuse
Tony Haluradivth
Thursday 15th August 2019 at 7:52 pm
Thanks Duncan it seems you saw exactly what I saw in the Parish mag. There was a fair bit of hectoring and aside from the Thunberg piece there was an admonishment and a warning to all villagers to watch what they said with a nod (not explicitly) to hate crimes. I do not like the "Thought Police". I do hope Alderley First are NOT going to get all political on us as they (when they were formed made it clear they were NOT a political grouping. And I hope they are not "Lib Dumbs" by the back door. I will change my voting habits in future if they are.