Alderley Thai Massage & Beauty now offer the latest skin treatments in the industry

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Local beauty and massage spa launch new website and are now offering even more fantastic massage and beauty treatments available to you every day of the week.

"We now have some amazing new treatments available, and with our place growing in popularity every day and our passion about perfection, we always endeavour to make sure we can offer our customers the very best in the industry today."

Our latest treatments:

The 'Plasma Pen Pro' is our newest machine that harnesses the natural power of plasma. This non-invasive treatment with immediate results and limited downtime promotes plumping and tightening of the skin whilst being safe and highly effective. Ideal for so many different treatments, including: fine lines, eyebrow ptosis, smokers and kissing lines, moles, scar removal, stretch mark removal and much more.

Cryocen - facial and body cryotherapy equipment serving a wide range of problematic skin types. Cryotherapy is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical or beauty treatments. It has been used as early as the seventeen century. Cooling the skin around the face and neck triggers deep layers of collagen into production. This will smooth out facial lines, reduce blemishes, wrinkles and give a clearer & tighter appearance within minutes, an effect that will last 4 months after only one session.

And coming soon...

Aesthetic treatments - instant rejuvenation, wrinkle prevention, smooth and clear complexion, weight loss, skin tightening and cryoneuromodulation, just to name a few. Non-surgical procedures have seen a 50% increase over the last five years, contact us now to find out more!

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