Reader's Photos: Returning to the Quarry Bank estate

Pete Taylor kindly sent us the second batch of photos taken around Quarry Bank.

He said "We went back to Styal the day after the rains - these are mainly in the village, which looks fabulous in Spring. Included is a genuine smiling Cheshire Cat!"

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Reader's Photo


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Diana Bullock
Thursday 2nd May 2019 at 8:45 am
Thank you, Pete, for all the lovely photos you send but I particularly liked the ones at Styal. My great, great, great grandad and his brother came from Middlewich in the early 1800s to work at the mill and live in the cottages. Generations after that were born and lived there. My grandad, who married in 1905, then moved to Alderley, but Number 13 Oak Cottages (the cottage that has now been opened up to the public) is mentioned on his Marriage Certificate as being his place of residence at that time.

Interesting this family history!