£500,000 cash boost for road repairs

Resurfacing Goostrey

Cheshire East Council has received the maximum capital funding allocation from central government for highway repairs and flood resilience across the borough.

An allocation of £533,171 has been awarded, earlier than expected, which will enable the council to increase its capital investment programme for road improvements for the 2019-20 financial year.

The money is allocated from the £50m pothole and flood resilience action fund, distributed by the Department for Transport, to highways authorities throughout the country.

The funding will also enable the council to address further issues relating to flooding of highways and footways.

Frank Jordan, Cheshire East Council executive director of place, said: "This funding is to be welcomed at a time when the spring and summer seasons present the most suitable conditions for our highways service to carry out road surface repairs.

"The council's focus will be on structural maintenance and preventative treatments. This will enable us to do more permanent resurfacing work where that scale of work is most needed.

"Following this funding allocation, our programme of highways works for 2019-20 will now be updated and full details will be published on the council's website."

Cheshire East Council


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Stephen Maynard
Thursday 11th April 2019 at 10:33 pm
Perhaps Mr Jordan needs to get in his car and drive around after Cheshire Highways have done one of their pathetic and wasteful attempts to repair potholes knowing full well they need to repeat the work in 6 months at a further cost to the Council Tax payer - the continue to squandered our council tax through mismanagement of the department and resources and now they are trying to convince themselves and us that all is ok now that central government is coughing up another £500,000 AGAIN paid by us the tax payer - they should be ashamed of themselves - a total disgrace and waste of our money - how’s the money now going to be spent - perhaps feeding their pensions and paying council officials whilst they are on full pay and after being suspended
Jon Williams
Friday 12th April 2019 at 10:04 am
Patching kerb stones gets me, instead of replacing them, they cement them twice a year for ever.