Ryleys pupils join in Great British Spring Clean

Pupils from The Ryleys School hit the street last week to make the environment around their school a litter free zone, as part of the Great British Spring Clean.

Pupils from Years 5 and 6, armed with litter pickers and bin bags, picked up litter from along Ryleys Lane on Thursday, 28th March.

In just one hour, they managed to collect an astonishing 6kg of litter - which included bottles, cans and many crisp and sweet wrappers. The pupils even found a china mug, a hairbrush, a wood cutting hand saw and some keys along the way!* 

Head Teacher, Mrs Julia Langford, said: "Not only does litter spoil the natural beauty of our environment, it also poses a threat to wildlife. Pupils from the school have all pledged to never to drop any litter and if they do see it, then they will pick it up and put it in a bin.

"We hope to have made a difference to the local community and hope that many more people will continue to pick up any litter they see and drop it in a bin."

* If anyone has lost keys please call into The Ryleys School office or telephone 01625 583241.

The Ryleys

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