Funding confirmed for additional parking spaces

Funding for the implementation of a new parking scheme on Mottram Road has been approved.

Councillor Craig Browne chaired a Last Thursday I chaired a meeting of the Wilmslow Area Highways Group on Thursday, 7th March, which covers Alderley Edge, Wilmslow & Handforth.

During the meeting it was confirmed that he has secured £6000 funding of £6,000 from the group's £21,835 annual budget to enable a new scheme to be implemented on Mottram Road in response to requests from residents, going back to 2016.

The scheme will see the creation of an additional six or seven long-stay parking bays on Mottram Road, whilst the double yellow lines on the cricket field side of Mottram Road will be extended to prevent double parking, as well as providing some additional protection to the grass verge.

Councillor Craig Browne said "I am pleased to have secured the funding for this project, which I know residents have been waiting a long time for. The scheme will be implemented during the course of the 2019/20 financial year, although at this stage I cannot give an exact date. I am pleased that the funding will also enable some historic issues with the parking bays on Trafford Road and Stevens Street to be addressed."

Car Parking, Mottram Road


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Mark Francis
Wednesday 13th March 2019 at 8:15 pm
Fantastic news. This will make a big difference.
Roy Hall
Wednesday 13th March 2019 at 9:49 pm
First, as always a big thanks to Craig for his Sterling Village work.
I had a chat to Craig back in 2016 or 17 at my home on Mottram Road. We discussed the plan and that was for parking to be established on the Tennis side of the road. The main complaint of Mottram Road Residents was "exiting" from their properties. They were entering a busy road were some cars were speeding at over 60mph !
This scheme will not improve that situation ! Roy
Fiona Doorbar
Thursday 14th March 2019 at 7:36 pm
Sounds like you have not been listened to Roy. Your suggestion makes more sense in my opinion
Roy Hall
Tuesday 19th March 2019 at 3:47 pm
I and my neighbour "Arthur Abercromby" have e mailed Craig and we have established that there was no engineers report done in deciding that new car parking cannot be created on the tennis club side of Mottram Road thus improving the safety issue before somebody gets killed. We have suggested a meeting with the Highways officer but after he has produced a report that we as Residents can obtain a second opinion on. This will result in a positive meeting and outcome.
Alan Brough
Wednesday 20th March 2019 at 11:08 am
I may be missing the point here, but surely it's safer to have parking on the pavement side of Mottram Road as parking on the Cricket Club side of the road would necessitate crossing the road to reach the pavement - particularly dangerous if cars are indeed speeding at 60mph along that road.

I guess that there would be "H-Bars" painted to protect access to properties and, if the speeding problem is that bad a camera or traffic calming system should be considered.
Fiona Doorbar
Thursday 21st March 2019 at 6:09 am
All this effort is most commendable but should we not be trying to cut down the use of cars, not providing more spaces for them. These spaces will be commuter spaces Mon-Fri and no doubt be empty at weekend.
The council needs to take the lead by looking at the longer term
a) Introducing and maintaining bike paths.
b) Encouraging Northern Rail to provide cheaper tickets or at least freeze prices
c) improve-bus services
Alderley will become one large Mon-Fri dumping ground for cars akin to Wilmslow if we just keep providing more and more all day parking.Keep the spaces shorter stay (2-3 hours) as then they will be used by people who travel to use the village shops,restaurants etc
Vin Sumner
Sunday 24th March 2019 at 4:10 pm
Agree with Fiona , addressing parking issues is more than just new places :
- its facilitating other forms of transport including walking and cycling
- its looking to future transport infrastructure with EVs etc
- its changing selfish behaviour of motorists , eg parking across drop pavements , on pavement . etc etc, by both encouragement and enforcement so such behaviour become unacceptable
- and yes its finding good locations for cars to park , noting that most motorists can walk a few hundred metres , so that people who have difficulties walking can get better access to shops etc ..

Sill think my park and ride ( cable car ) from then National Trust car park has great merit , just need a sponsor