Will 2019 be the year you get the body you’ve always wanted?

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Stop hoping and start achieving with us at Ultimate Performance Cheshire.

We are the world's leading personal training company for one reason - we get results.

Whether your aim is to tone up for a holiday, sharpen up for business, or look great and feel confident for a special occasion, we make your fitness goals our own.

You can achieve changes you never imagined in a timeframe you never thought possible working with our results-driven team at U.P. Cheshire.

But don't take our word for it. Four of our successful Cheshire clients explain how taking that first step and joining U.P. led to life-changing results.

Take your first step and book a free body transformation consultation by emailing sarah@upfitness.co.uk and quoting 'alderleyedge.com'.

Julia's glowing and feeling great

Julia is back to her best and feeling on her 'A Game' in business after her 11-week transformation.

Always naturally slim, Julia found her weight was creeping up after she turned 40. She was struggling to get it back under control.

Running a successful business, Julia's lifestyle of networking and socialising with food and drink took its toll on her health.

She constantly felt low on energy and was unhappy with her body shape.

After two years of trying to get fit again on her own, Julia came to U.P. Cheshire to put it in the hands of the experts.

Her goal was to feel good again, get her confidence back and become a healthy and positive role model for her daughter.

Now Julia feels rejuvenated in business and in life after losing more than a stone at U.P. Cheshire.

"Coming to U.P. was about making a change and letting the experts take charge of that and getting myself back in control.

"You have this aura about you. It's very positive. You're eating well, you're feeling good, you're striving towards a goal.

"It has spilled over into my professional life as well. I felt like I had so much more energy to smash through some work and then socially as well, it's just that confidence. You have that inner 'Ready Brek glow'.

"I've learned so much about the power of weight training now and what it does to sculpt and tone the body as well. It's blown my mind."

Greg rediscovers his spark for life

Greg always prided himself on being in great shape.

But losing his father and going through testicular cancer put him in a deep hole he couldn't get out of alone.

He struggled with depression and most days didn't feel like getting out of bed, let alone exercising to rebuild his health.

The strong and driven mindset that defined him as a personal trainer for 10 years was something he had a tough time rediscovering.

So, Greg put his health and fitness in the hands of the personal training team at Ultimate Performance Cheshire

Seeing almost immediate results helped reignite the spark Greg has for training. He was excited to be back in the gym and motivated to push himself.

Now he's in the best shape of his life after making an amazing transformation. Now getting out of bed in the mornings with real energy and purpose is easy.

"Before I did this, my self-esteem and confidence was really really low.

"I didn't really want to get up in the morning and I had lost my way. I feel like I've got that drive back. That confidence and self-esteem has grown inside me."

Greg says the meticulous, scientific approach to training and nutrition at U.P. helped him achieve results in a matter of weeks that he believes would have taken far longer on his own.

"If I went to do this on my own, it would maybe be 6 to 12 months to get into this sort of shape.

"You're just making massive shortcuts.

"The tracking and coaching here is so key that you can't really fail."

Amaia got the toned figure she always wanted at 54

Amaia is looking great at 54 and says she's the lightest and leanest she's been since her early twenties.

For years, Amaia had always done cardio classes but struggled to achieve the body shape she wanted.

Her favourite dresses didn't fit anymore and doctors had warned that even though she wasn't overweight, her cholesterol was high.

Ultimate Performance Cheshire helped her change all that in 12 short weeks.

Amaia learned how to train effectively with weights and shape her body, while understanding the diet that worked best for her.

Three sessions a week over three months is all it took her to achieve this stunning transformation.

Happier, healthier, slimmer and more body confident than ever, Amaia is thrilled with her results and the strength she has built up in the gym.

Her cholesterol is down and her favourite clothes fit perfectly around her toned new figure.

"It makes you feel really good. Everybody sees you happy and you look great and feel confident.

"I lost a tremendous amount of weight. Even with the amount of exercise I did before, here it's just the balance between the exercise and the diet.

"It was probably in my early twenties or late teens when I last weighed what I weigh now!

"I go back into my wardrobe and think 'this looks really nice now!' To go back and being able to wear those dresses that you couldn't wear before is great."

Dave is 'blown away' by his 13-week result

Dave had always wanted to do something about his body, but he didn't know where to start.

His 40th birthday was a turning point and he was determined to get back in shape.

His diet was out of control. He would snack on foods that he thought were 'healthy' but were not doing his body any good.

But after having surgery to remove two bulging discs from his back, he feared that exercise might make things worse and thought he might never step foot in a gym again.

Twelve weeks working with his expert trainer at Ultimate Performance Cheshire has not only helped him get back training safely and effectively to strengthen his back, but it helped him achieve a body he can be proud of.

"Having turned 40 last year, I had toyed with the idea of doing something to keep in shape. This whole experience has blown me away with the results.

"So far the biggest benefit of doing this transformation is the obvious visual difference which does make you feel good in yourself. I hoped I could change shape but never did I think I could do it so quickly.

"It has been the best thing I have ever done for myself personally and for anyone who wants to do something about their body then there is, in my opinion, nowhere better or more comprehensive than U.P."

"I could stop now after my 13 weeks and be happy with the results, but I'm carrying on because I'm now curious as to what we can achieve by going a bit further."

Don't let another year pass where your fitness goals fall short. Achieve everything you want, and more, at U.P. Cheshire.

Find out exactly how our Cheshire clients achieved these incredible results by emailing sarah@upfitness.co.uk with the quote 'alderleyedge.com' to find out. You will receive a 'no joining fee' benefit if you choose to sign up.

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