Residents select new boundary sign

Boundary signs 2019

A project being carried out by Alderley Edge Parish Council to develop new boundary signs to mark the road boundaries to our village is almost complete.

Last year local residents were asked to consider two options, either sticking with a more 'traditional' approach to boundary signs, using ones similar to most towns and villages in the country or, their preferred option, using their new logo to create more "stylish" signs.

The overwhelming vote was for the white more traditional design, complete with coat of arms. (Option 2 above)

Councillor Mike Dudley Jones said "However, there were a variety of suggestions that emerged from the consultation. One that came across most often was that 'it would be good to be different from other towns nearby'.

"As we were now in a position to look at design, detail and accurate costs with our chosen supplier we passed this suggestion on to them to see what they would advise. We made it clear, though, that the majority of the Village had voted for a traditional look and that it was important that we adhered to that.

"Our supplier's recommended suggestion was to 'reverse' the sign - and use cream letters on a black background. As this was quite a radical change we felt that it was important to place the 'project' before the residents again to see the reaction. This we have done using an excellent supporting article from and using 4 X A2 foamex boards to ask for opinions in shops, meetings, the Festival Hall, door to door visits, the Library, supermarkets and casual discussions."

Adding the responses from and their Facebook page to the A2 board responses left the cream lettering on a black background as the clear winner with 197 votes compared to the black lettering on a white background with 66 votes.

The Parish Council allocated a budget of £4000 to this project, they will now get the seven signs ordered so they will be positioned in Spring.

Boundary Signs