Healthy Gut. Healthy You. Healthy Knowledge - Free health seminar at beyondphysio

Is science catching up with the wisdom of Hippocrates over two thousand years ago? Does disease truly start in the gut?

Our digestive system is not only responsible for absorbing the food that we eat, it is central to maintaining our health.

Contemporary scientific research continues to illuminate us to the numerous roles our gut has in regulating processes in the whole body. These processes includes healthy joints, maintaining and balancing hormones, regulating mood, maintaining a strong immune system, keeping our weight under control and maintaining general health.

Even seemingly unrelated conditions such as diabetes, eczema, anxiety and gout may all have their origins in the gut. Maintaining a healthy digestive system through the right food choices, appropriate lifestyle practices and regular exercise is fundamental to living a healthy life.

They question for most of us is, how do we do this?

Join BANT registered Nutritional Therapist Martin Cohen and Specialist Physiotherapist Adrian Howard and take a journey through your digestive system and your health and find a new understanding for your bodies most under-appreciated organ. Your gut.

Healthy Gut. Healthy You. Healthy Knowledge. A Free Health Seminar 29th January 2019 at 7pm at beyondphysio.

Booking is essential and is on a first come first served basis as limited spaces are available. Please book online here: