Residents stick with traditional design

As many local residents will be aware, Alderley Edge Parish Council is looking to develop new boundary signs to mark the road boundaries to our village.

The Parish Council considered two options, either sticking with a more 'traditional' approach to boundary signs using ones similar to most towns and villages in the country or, their preferred option, using their new logo to create more "stylish" signs.

In order to seek the opinions of local residents, Alderley Edge Parish Council carried out a consultation which closed on October 31st. They have since examined the responses placed with our 'receiving stations' in the village, those sent by email to the clerk and the comments made on

Councillor Mike Dudley Jones said "The overwhelming vote was for Option 1, depicted above. The Boundary Signs Working Group and the Parish Council will now take this project forward, adhering to the rules laid down by Cheshire East Highways and to the budget allocated. Where possible, posts will be sited and positioned to incorporate self watering planters to accommodate floral displays."

In response to the consultation the Parish Council received a number of comments which they now need to take into consideration.

Councillor Mike Dudley Jones added "Some suggested that our signs should perhaps follow the rather more ornate, unique designs found in other parts of the country. Such a sign could depict something that Alderley Edge is especially famous for. Whilst it would not be practical to place this style of sign at every entrance point – it may work well at the principle entrance to the Village on the A34 from the North, or as a 'feature sign' placed within the village, with the traditional Option 1 signs placed at the other entrance points? The Boundary Signs Working Group has added this to their Agenda."

The Parish Council has allocated a budget of £4000 to this projec and hopes to have the new boundary signs in position by the Spring 2019.

Images: The two options -  Option 1 (coat of arms) or Option 2 (new logo).

Alderley Edge Parish Council, Boundary Signs


Here's what readers have had to say so far. Why not add your thoughts below.

Graham Nicholson
Tuesday 27th November 2018 at 4:03 pm
Approved comment is as follows:
Surely the thing Alderley Edge is specially famous for, and we should put on
the signs, is a WAG in an open-top Bentley.

(Only joking!)
Duncan Herald
Thursday 29th November 2018 at 11:13 am
Might the above-mentioned 'unique design' (2 of them) bear any resemblance to the above-mentioned 'Option 2' signs?
Mike Dudley-Jones
Sunday 2nd December 2018 at 1:50 pm
East Anglian villages in particular often use rather ornate, hand carved signs. Most are placed on a village green or at some central point in the Village - but some are also used at the road entrance. They invariably depict something that the Village is famous for. In our case it might be a wizard for example.

There has been no suggestion that something depicting a church spire and the 'curve' of the Edge be considered.