Police & Crime Commissioner called to action over Alderley Road parking problems

The Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire was in Wilmslow today (Thursday, 22nd November) to see for himself the scale of the problem caused by vehicles parking on Alderley Road.

David Keane was joined by Councillor Rod Menlove, Angela McPake Vice-Chair of Wilmslow Town Council, local resident and retired magistrate John Morley and Assistant Practice Managers at Kenmore Medical Centre Cathy Starkey and Fiona McDermott.

Rod Menlove said "I know that to David, road safety is a priority and so invited him to visit Wilmslow to see first hand the problems caused by obstructive and dangerous parking in Alderley Road and by the lack of police enforcement. This is not a criticism of the local police who have to follow a restricted definition of obstruction and danger. As our elected representative we hoped that David could use independent influence to further our case for more action on these matters."

David Keane assured the local councillors that road safety is one of the priorities in the Police and Crime Plan and he would be contacting the Acting Chief Executive at Cheshire East Council regarding this particular issue.

He said "I want to support the local community so I will be writing to Kath O'Dwyer (Acting Chief Executive at Cheshire East Council) to give my views on the situation and I will speak the local Chief Inspector to see what police resource we have to help deal with it as a local priority.

David added "What I'd like to do is seek some real guidance on the extent of the powers that can apply to the problem. Daily enforcement is never the way to solve the problem but it's a way of helping to get double yellow lines, which has got to be the solution."

Speaking about the parking Fiona McDermott of Kenmore Medical Centre, said "It causes havoc at varies times of the day, particularly at rush hour. We've seen various minor incidents and one lady was knocked over when she tried to cross the road between parked cars. We've also seen road rage.

"Our patients are not very happy, especially those having trouble getting out. It is very frustrating for the elderly."

Local resident John Morley said "There wasn't a problem until the builders of Chapelwood came along and started parking there and everyone else has thought if they can park there we can park there. Essentially it has turned into a car park for people going to the station.

"I have lived here 27 years and never known a subject attract so much interest."

David Keane committed to returning to Wilmslow within the month, saying "I want to get out with the local PCSOs and Community Sergeant and actively look at the problem so I have confidence they are using their powers properly and we all understand what's in those powers and what's not."

Esther McVey said "I asked Cheshire East in the Spring to treat the parking issue on Alderley Road as one of safety, to allow it be to addressed ahead of the parking review in Wilmslow. Although they declined to do that, I am pleased that David Keane has agreed with my view and I am hopeful we can now get both a short and long term solution for the issue as a matter of priority."

Rod Menlove concluded "We very much appreciated David taking time to visit Wilmslow and to join in the discussion and consider our concerns. We are hopeful that the actions he is going to undertake will generate steps in the right direction."



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Manuel Golding
Friday 23rd November 2018 at 2:33 pm
This latest propaganda stunt is an appalling example of the way CEC is run, aided and abetted by its supporting & compliant fellow party councillors.
As Cllr Mark Goldsmith, RoW- WTC, has stated above, Residents of Wilmslow (RoW) sat down with Cllr Bailey, the Leader of CEC, and high on our agenda was the very real daily problem facing Wilmslow's,residents,that of uncaring, indiscriminate & obstructive out of town commuter parking on numerous roads & streets, non more so than along Alderley Road. The Leader was more than happy to fall back on "Wilmslow the parking survey" that has supposedly been completed by end September.
This surely cannot be the same survey that we were assured was being undertaken by the then Deputy Leader,Cllr David Brown, and last years "promised" and much propagandised "survey"as publicised in the Conservative's In Touch indoctrination sheet.
So how many surveys does this council need to undertake before it can reach some sort of conclusion, never mind a positive solution?
It is reported to RoW that some parkers are only too happy to leave their cars in front of peoples' homes for two or more weeks whilst they go on holiday via the airport - Buckingham Road, Gravel Lane are just two "airport" alternative parking lots.
RoW clearly told Cllr Bailey that the immediate answer to Alderley Road was two fold - 1) place No Waiting signs along this stretch (similar signs that the police use when a hazard occurs) and 2) seek alternative sites for the displaced vehicles. Her prompt & numerous retorts was to place our thoughts on the survey! I made the mistake of suggesting, in frustration at her volatile inaction, that she should "plead" with the police to take some action - "Plead, plead?" she retorted, "O.K. maybe that was the wrong word", I said not offering an alternative like "reason" or "appeal". But that dhort exchange typifies the CE response and resort to inaction. Also, RoW suggested to her that simply painting yellow lines along this or any other road does not, will not, solve Wilmslow's problem, all this does is remove parking from road A to road B and on it goes "You must look at a long term solution and RoW is able to offer such a solution." Again she said let the survey have your views. RoW was prepared to offer even more ideas but upon receiving the very same response..... what's the point, we thought.
The big problem with so many politicians is that they hear but do not listen....and then blame the voter for not listening.
I always believed true, real leadership was actually leading from the front, not this faux leadership we now see all too clearly at Cheshire East Council, where the leader is only too ready to hide behind yet another "parking solution" that has been in the offering for over two years.
"Wilmslow parking survey" - The problem is all to obvious for all to see & the solution(s) fairly straightforward & within CEC's remit
We don't need another survey to continue to obfuscate & delay but we do want immediate action to-day, not in another six, eight months or more, if ever.
Undoubtedly Cheshire East Council's leadership and its submissive fellow party councillors proves the point that it is time for change, big change. Roll on 2nd May 2019, CEC election day - Vote for your RoW independent candidate(s), these will be the ONLY councillors willing to listen to the voter, simply because they will not be under the control of any political party .
Rod Menlove
Friday 23rd November 2018 at 5:43 pm
If only everything were as simple as suggested and not surrounded by regulations then this would have been easy to resolve. Unfortunately not so.
The PCC is going to make efforts on behalf of us all, including all those of a negative disposition some of whose criticism is blatently political.
Steven Mccrory
Saturday 24th November 2018 at 10:52 am
This part of the main road through Wilmslow is a NIGHTMARE and has been since the ne apartments built, you simply cannot pass safely with inpatient drivers who have the correct right of way showing little regard for those simply trying to get past the new kerb parking. It amazes me that we have yellow lines everywhere even where not needed. Tickets being brandished without compassion, lack of parking where its needed most, killing small towns, villages and business. Yet this problem has been there for several months whilst the red tape do nothing but talk nonsense brigade decide now to look into it