New mental health peer support group launching

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Rethink Mental Illness will be hosting a drop-in session at Wilmslow library on Monday 26th November between 5pm and 7pm for people to find out about their voluntary run peer support groups.

The national charity supports over 130 local peer support groups in England which are run by people with their own experience of mental health issues and/or their carers and family members.

The groups are set up to provide empathy, acceptance and reassurance and be a place where people can share experience, receive guidance from peers in similar situations and increase their self-confidence.

Rethink Mental Illness offers a range of support to people who wish to set up their own peer support groups, they get access to staff support, training, and help with promotional and fundraising activities. Groups are also supported to get involved with national campaigns and to run their own ones locally if they wish.

There are already several peer support groups in Cheshire where people come together through informal groups for support and friendship.

Polly, Rethink Mental Illness Group Member commented:"It is great to be part of a group of people who understand what it is like to have a relative with mental health problems. They support me and don't think the things I am going through are strange. Wouldn't you like that kind of support?"

Anyone is welcome to go along for a coffee and chat. Alternatively you can get in touch via email or phone 01823 365327.


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