Parish Council recommends refusal of plan for houses on land left to RSPCA

Over 40 members of the public attended the Alderley Edge Parish Council meeting on Monday, 10th September, to express their concerns over plans to build 8 new houses off Heyes Lane and to hear the parish council's views on the application.

Following the discussion, Alderley Edge Parish Council agreed to recommend refusal of Deanbank Investments' plans to build a row of 8 three-bedroomed terraced houses along with 25 car parking spaces, on a plot of vacant land which was left to the RSPCA by a wild life enthusiast.

The grounds for recommending refusal are that "The massing of the proposal would be overbearing to neighbouring properties in both its height of 3 floors and proximity. It is an over intensive development of the land and in it's design of town house (not mews) not in keeping with it's intended environment of surrounding discrete cottages.

"There would be loss of amenity to existing properties in way of access by placement of proposed car park spaces, loss of privacy by overlooking, probable loss of daytime sunlight to properties to the North. It is doubtful there is sufficient car parking provision, in real terms, and manoeuvrability would be constrained and challenged within the site itself. Provision of amenity space to future occupants seems inadequate, this emphasises the over intensive nature. Access to and from Heyes lane would be a concern, the junction is narrow, with limited splay and much needed on street parking further inhibits visibility onto a busy road. If developed in this way there would be concerns around drainage and water provision, There are numerous rights of way and ownership issues that would need to be resolved also."

Alderley Edge Parish Council also agreed to request that the Planning Application, reference 18/4255M, is called in to be determined by the planning committee.

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Charlie Gaughan
Tuesday 18th September 2018 at 4:37 pm
Why was the rspca allowed to sell the land at auction so anyone with the money could buy it I’m not saying the builder should be allowed to build that many houses there but who ever bought it would look bad when this is the fault of the rspca not respecting people who support them the wishes of I believe a very nice person who is no longer with us