Plans for the Garden Village in Handforth progress


Cheshire East Council's Strategic Planning Board approved the consultation draft of the planning framework for the Garden Village at Handforth on Wednesday, 29th August.

The draft supplementary planning document (SPD) sets the quality and design principles for the Garden Village which is one of the government's 14 preferred Garden Villages in the UK and will deliver 1,500 homes by 2030. Once adopted, will form part of the planning policy that any future planning applications submitted for the site will be judged against.

The council will launch its consultation on the draft SPD later this month, when local stakeholders, interested parties and the public will be able to comment on the framework.

Councillor Ainsley Arnold, cabinet member for housing, planning and regeneration, who has rubber-stamped the SPD for consultation, said: "The Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy establishes the principle of creating a new plan-led settlement east of Handforth, promoting good growth for the region. This draft supplementary planning document now provides a detailed vision of how the new exemplar village can be planned and built. This, alongside the forthcoming implementation strategy, is one of the first of a number of steps the council will be taking to ensure the Garden Village becomes a reality as a great place to live and work. We therefore welcome as many comments as possible on the draft document."

The draft SPD sets out the overarching design principles for the 'Village Heart' and each of the character areas of the Garden Village. Engine of the North will act as lead developer on behalf of the council and will submit a planning application to deliver the Village Heart and infrastructure.

Councillor Jamie Macrae, chairman of Engine of the North, said: "Engine of the North are the custodians of the council's vision to create a truly sustainable and characterful new village for Cheshire East. This lifetime community will support its inhabitants as their lives grow and evolve, from first-time buyers to families, as well as older people looking to downsize.

"As over 40 per cent of the site will be green open space, amenity space and habitat protection, the Garden Village will not only be a great place to live but also somewhere for new and existing residents to come and enjoy their surroundings for generations to come."

Handforth Garden Village


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George Marshall
Sunday 9th September 2018 at 9:01 pm
Good news it's progressing well.

I can't help but think though they could fit a hell of a lot more houses on that land than planned. Theres no shame in building to a high density, provided the green space provided is ample and high quality.

A more ordered approach with a tighter road network and more logical road networking would be preferable. It should better mimic the urban grain of neighbouring Handforth & Bramhall, with local shops, amenities and public transport links. Why not run a shuttle bus service to Handforth station, encourage people away from car dependance?

With regards to green space, one central, large park would make more sense. It's easier to maintain & police.
Ian Cook
Tuesday 11th September 2018 at 10:13 pm
With the new road comes new housing and industrial estates on any vacant land.

Another 1500 homes (3000 cars) entering the A34 at the Handforth Dean roundabout is exactly whatever need, add to that the 900 at Woodford and the planned 2000 on CEC once the Poynton link is built and we have congestion again.
Harry Martin
Tuesday 11th September 2018 at 10:54 pm
I agree with more public transport and also a new health centre to cope with demand . Now children back at school the roads have gone crazy again . I welcome new homes but the traffic round here is scary . Couldn't advise anyone on a quiet time to avoid crawling along the A34 especially around Handforth . I nodded at the idea of shuttle bus but this needs to be in line with more trains too.