Teenager on course to complete 100km charity run


A 12-year-old boy has taken on the challenge to run 100 km in a month to raise money for charity.

Inspired by Canadian athlete Terry Fox, Rory McCabe has set himself the target of completing 100 km in one month for the Headway charity, which improves life after brain injury.

Rory said "Terry Fox, who ran more than halfway across Canada to raise money for cancer research, is one of many inspirational figures who want to challenge themselves for charity. He has inspired me to do the same."

His goal is to raise £1337, one pound for each pupil at Kings School which he attends, as Terry Fox aimed to raise $24 million, one for each Canadian citizen.

Rory said ''This challenge will be no walk in the park, but I wanted to challenge myself, and what better way to do it, but for a great cause. Thanks to everybody who is supporting me. The support has kept me going.''

He is well into the challenge now, having clocked up almost 40 km since April 1st. Last week he went on holiday to Switzerland with his family for 4 days which was a real test of character - running up The Alps in order not to fall behind on his challenge.

If you would like to support Rory, who can be seen running along Mottram Road each day, you can donate via his JustGiving page.


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