Churches come together to celebrate Easter

Churches Together in Alderley combined to celebrate Easter in the village last weekend.

On Good Friday the annual Walk of Witness took place with Rev Sue Swires from the Alderley Methodist Church and Rev Robin Pye from St Philip & St James leading the walk for the first time. They were joined by Rev Jon Hale from St Mary's Church and Rev Mathew Thomas, priest at St Pius X Catholic Church.

On Easter Sunday, for those up early the day started with a Sonrise service led by Rev Robin Pye at Castle Rock on the Edge at 6.30am. The singing was accompanied by a violin and accordion and the service was followed by breakfast at the Methodist Church.

On Easter Monday local residents took part in a community walk from St Philip & St James Church to Beat the Bounds of Alderley an Edge. Seventeen walkers braved the weather and mud, as they followed the 7mile route around the village, up over the Edge and down around the fields along the bypass, through the golf course and back to the church for well-deserved hot tea and cakes.

Rev Robin Pye said "I have never been a member of a church that was part of a silent walk of witness on Good Friday. As we walked behind the cross, I felt all the pain of our community that I have come across in my ministry here, being gathered together by a God that submitted to the worst cruelty humanity has inflicted on itself. I have also never been part of a church that greets the Easter dawn at 6 o'clock in the morning. I don't think I have ever felt the liberating effect of living with the risen Christ at your side as intensely as I did this Easter. I look forward to growing alongside the worshipping community of churches in Alderley Edge."

Churches Together in Alderley

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