Fire Authority proposes to increase council tax further following new Government guidelines

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Having recently sought views on proposals to increase its share of council tax (called a precept) by 1.99% in 2018/19, Cheshire Fire Authority is now seeking views on proposals to increase it by 2.99% for the next financial year.

An increase of 2.99% for 2018/19 would see the precept charged by Cheshire Fire Authority increase by £2.19 per year to £75.48 for a Band D equivalent property, rather than by £1.46 per year as initially proposed.

Chair of Cheshire Fire Authority, Cllr Bob Rudd, explained: "Very late in our consultation process, on 19th December, the Government announced that local authorities - including fire and rescue authorities - would be allowed to raise their share of council tax by 3% before the need to hold a public referendum on a proposed increase.

"Therefore, CFA is seeking views on proposals to increase its share of council tax by 2.99% in 2018/19."

Chief Fire Officer Paul Hancock added: "The Authority, like other public sector bodies used to receive an annual capital grant from the Government. Since 2014 the Authority has not received an annual capital grant and it seems extremely unlikely that such a grant will be reintroduced under the current financial constraints. This means that the CFA has to look at other ways to balance the budget and ensure the safety of the residents of Cheshire.

"Please let us know what you think about proposing to increase Cheshire Fire Authority's share of council tax by 2.99% in 2018/19, we welcome your views."

Both the original proposal to increase the Authority's share of council tax by 1.99% and the proposal to increase it by 2.99% instead will be considered by Members of Cheshire Fire Authority at their meeting on Wednesday 14th February 2018.

The consultation will close on Monday 12th February 2018. You can have your say by clicking here.

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Terry Bowes
Tuesday 16th January 2018 at 3:37 pm
Blatant thievery. Not even the slightest bit of subtlety with this one.