Restaurant owners may return with new venture


Alderley Edge's newest restaurant has closed its door, at least for the foreseeable future, less than nine months after opening.

Blue Lobster, located on the corner of London Road and Brown Street, opened on Saturday, 1st April in the premises previously occupied by Tomfoolery.

The Italian seafood restaurant and Franciacorta bar was the brainchild of Andrea Zacchino and Nino Caruso, who are founders of wine cafe chain Veeno, which was set up in 2013 and now has 11 branches in the UK.

Owner Andrea Zacchino told "Unfortunately, our Italian investors decided to withdraw their interest in the business and recalled the chef back to Italy.

"For these reasons, the restaurant has been closed until further notice."

He added "I was disappointed by this too... but we will take it as an opportunity to potentially take over and start a new venture."

Blue Lobster


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Glenn Hudson
Sunday 17th December 2017 at 10:30 pm
Let’s hope whoever takes it over knows how to run a restaurant. This place was going bust from day 1. Awful wine list with the cheapest bottle at £45, friendly but incompetent service and second rate overpriced food. Not sure what the ‘chefs recalled to Italy’ are going back to Italy to do, but would suggest food isn’t their forte.
Vince Chadwick
Sunday 17th December 2017 at 11:08 pm
Oh Alderley Rose, you are much lamented! Who remembers Mr Lee and his daughters?

An unpretentious and affordably priced (for REAL locals) Chinese restaurant. We enjoyed it literally hundreds of times over the decades, from the mid 1960s right up until it closed a few years ago.

There isn't a hope in hell we'll see its like in the village again.

More's the pity.
Dave Clarke
Monday 18th December 2017 at 7:33 am
Sad to see a business fail, but it never really seemed to get off the ground.
Susan Fairbotham
Monday 18th December 2017 at 4:38 pm
I think someone is telling porkies as none of the staff got paid that's why they left .My daughter has 3 little girls to feed and worked hard for the blue lobster with no pay and all the staff went back to Italy cos they didn't get their pay either it's terrible treating loyal staff like that they couldn't run a kiosk never mind a restaurant.
Neil Bridge
Tuesday 19th December 2017 at 4:16 pm
Never went because friends who had been said it was poor so was always going to Fail.
We have just had the Lilac cottage and Fisk open in Prestbury. Both very different from each other but excellent venues.
Steven Mccrory
Tuesday 19th December 2017 at 4:45 pm
Went week one, knew it was a poor choice and overpriced. A Victors, Knutsford Wine bar style place may work. Hate to hear a business closes after a major investment but you need to establish the needs of a Village....
Alec Finney
Friday 22nd December 2017 at 4:26 pm
Good genuine Indian Restaurant. Please.
Lisa Reeves
Friday 22nd December 2017 at 4:36 pm
I agree Alec, an Indian restaurant in the village would be great and I expect there would be a good demand for takeaways as well. Whenever we go out for an Indian meal there is always a steady flow of customers collecting takeaways.
Malcolm McClean
Friday 22nd December 2017 at 6:40 pm
The investors pulling out is irrelevant. The Blue Lobster failed simply because it had no customers. The owners can try any concept that they like there, but if they don't learn the lessons of their failure, they will fail again. Here are some tips for their new concept...

1. Employ people that are interested in being in the hospitality industry (apart from one person, everybody just seemed to be going through the motions).
2. Train your staff. The young people there were nice young people, but they were just thrown in without any training and little supervision.
3. Greet people and serve them, don't let them wait 20 minutes for a drink...they will go somewhere else.
4. Serve excellent food at reasonable prices. Nobody in AE, rich or poor wants to be ripped off.
5. Listen to local people. They are your potential customers seven days a week. If they tell you that something is not working, don't ignore them and carry on with an empty restaurant.
6. In general, people don't want to eat upstairs. Make the most of your downstairs, it also makes it look full and attracts other people.
7. When you launch a new menu, don't insult people by ticking their name off a clipboard and telling them to pick up a one third glass of cheap fizz.
8. When your restaurant is failing, don't put up the prices as you did after your new menu launch.
9. Stop getting people to post 5 star reviews on tripadvisor. Be honest with yourselves. All you need to do is speak to local people regularly, they are your best reviewers.
10 Pay your staff.

Other than that I found the Blue Lobster OK.
Glenn Hudson
Saturday 23rd December 2017 at 12:20 am
Excellent comments Malcolm. We tried twice. We’re disappointed twice. Didn’t go back. They had a great refurb....and then got everything else wrong.
Yvonne Bentley
Saturday 30th December 2017 at 11:28 am
Whoever takes it on should contact Victor’s in Hale for business advice. They are definitely doing things right and this is reflected in the numbers going through their doors