Royal London unveils details of new office development

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Having been granted planning permission in 2016 for a new office development at their Alderley Road campus, Royal London has now submitted an application detailing the scale, layout, appearance and landscaping proposals for the site.

Planning permission has been approved for a new office development along with associated car parking, access improvements for vehicles, the creation of new pedestrian and cycle routes to the site and the enhancement of existing and provision of new landscaping.

This reserved matters application, reference 17/3747M, seeks approval for all the detailed matters not previously considered: including the layout, scale, appearance and landscaping of the site. Access was approved as part of the approved outline planning permission (reference 16/2314M).

The new office building is proposed to be located directly to the east of the existing Royal London House with parking to the east of the new office building. The proposed office building is three storey with a plant room situated on the roof of the building. It is a predominately glazed structure, with some cladding and louvres.

The access, as approved, is taken from Alderley Road and follows a route which runs to the south of the existing Royal London House into the new car parking area.

The Royal London site, is known as "Strategic Site LPS 54 in the recently approved Cheshire East Local Plan and includes land to the west of Alderley Road.

This strategic site is approved for employment use; a hotel; provision of green infrastructure and open space; pedestrian and cycle links and a residential development residential development of 175 properties - around 80 of which will be on land to the east of the existing campus, around 20 to the north of the existing campus and around 75 on land west of Alderley Road.

A draft 'Development Framework' for the Royal London site has been produced in collaboration with Cheshire East Council, to help shape development of the site to create a 'living campus'.

A consultation on the Royal London Development Framework finished on Friday 4th August 2017.

The reserved matters application, detailing the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of the new office development can be viewed on the Cheshire East Council website by searching for planning reference 17/3747M. The last date for submitting comments is 31st August and a decision is expected by 20th September.

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Pete Taylor
Friday 11th August 2017 at 4:20 pm
Presumably no comments here because not many people know that some of this Green Belt to be built on lies in Alderley Edge? The boundary is the old course of the Whitehall Brook.
A protected woodland will be cleared- so much for TPOs!

Surveyors are on site now.