Ferrari celebrates its 70th birthday with convoy through Alderley Edge

Ferrari's celebrated its 70th Birthday in style at Capesthorne Hall on Tuesday, 1st August.

At around 8am, Capesthorne Hall was greeted by the sound of glorious Ferrari V12's.

Stratstone were thrilled to have a black LaFerrari joined by two LaFerrari Aperta and a LaFerrari Aperta.

As time progressed from morning to the afternoon, a selection of more Ferrari supercars arrived, including a Ferrari Enzo, named after Enzo Ferrari, founder of Ferrari, alongside a modern LaFerrari.

The event officially opened to the public at 2pm, up until this point Ferrari owners kept arriving in an array of models from the iconic 70-year history, which soon filled up the lawn in front of Capesthorne Hall.

Despite the weather changing from dry overcast, to heavy rain, to glorious sunshine, it didn’t stop the owners and public turning out in force.

Throughout the morning and afternoon, each car was stickered with a number, in preparation for the parade through Alderley Edge and Wilmslow.

Around 3.30pm, owners gathered for an impressive photo surrounding the LaFerrari Aperta provided by Ferrari. Shortly after, owners started their engines and proceeded in numerical order in convoy to depart Capesthorne Hall and head for Stratstone Wilmslow Ferrari.

Led by the three LaFerrari Aperta examples, and the LaFerrari, the Ferrari convoy, which included 84 cars, departed Capesthorne Hall. Along the route, members of the public gathered at the side of the road, from office windows, cafes, restaurants and various vantage points to witness the parade.

On arrival, each of the 84 Ferrari models parked up within the grounds of the Ferrari Wilmslow service centre, with many of the owners attending a three-course dinner within the showroom, rounding off the 70th Anniversary celebrations with the unveiling of the all-new Ferrari 812 Superfast.

Guests were joined by Ferrari racing driver Sam Smeeth.



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Graham Nicholson
Wednesday 9th August 2017 at 1:46 pm
What a combination of stories this week! I wonder if anyone else has spotted the cause and effect connections. First up the news of 84 Ferraris trundling through the village with their 'glorious V12 engines' (steady Rachel - we are not all drooling boy racers) pushing out copious CO2 and Nitrogen Dioxide. Then the news that our local Council is suspected of doctoring data to downplay the presence of air pollution such as ....Nitrogen Dioxide! And then we hear of threats to withdraw some of the few bus services we have in our bit of god's own country. Time for a bit of reflection on our transport policies and priorities.