Four new housing developments 'could change the identity of Alderley Edge forever'

Cheshire East Council has just completed a six week consultation on the second part of their Local Plan, which invited people to have their say on a number of important issues including whether adjustments are required to the Green Belt boundary around Alderley Edge and where development should take place in the village.

Whilst the first part of the Cheshire East Local Plan focused on Key Service Centres the second stage, the Site Allocations and Development Policies document, looks at the 13 Local Service Centres, of which Alderley Edge is one.

Councillor Craig Browne said "As a Local Service Centre, Alderley Edge is expected to receive an allocation of around 100 new homes as part of the Site Allocations & Development Policies document. Alderley Edge Parish Council recognises this as a reasonable share of the development required through the LPS. It also notes however, the allocation of 275 new homes at nearby Alderley Park and the absence of any associated infrastructure investment for Alderley Edge, as the nearest Local Service Centre."

He added "Being surrounded by Green Belt land on all sides puts Alderley Edge in a challenging position. In order to satisfy the housing requirement, it will be necessary to either accept further infill development and plot subdivision within the settlement boundary, or to make minor adaptations to the existing green belt boundaries. The key question for us is whether infill development on a piecemeal basis is capable of delivering the significant investment that will be needed in the village's infrastructure over the next few years, or whether this is more likely to be achieved through minor adaptations to the green belt and settlement boundaries."

The consultation on the Site Allocations and Development Policies document was accompanied by a 'call for sites' so the council can gain an up-to-date picture of what land is potentially available for future development. Landowners and developers with suitable sites were asked to put them forward during the consultation process.

As part of the consultation four sites have been proposed by landowners and developers for Alderley Edge, three of which the Parish Council has confirmed it will support.

These sites are: land to the north of Beech Road, Whitehall Meadow - land opposite the former Horseshoe Farm, land adjacent to Ryleys Farm and land occupied by Hole Farm, which is adjacent to the Alderley Edge bypass.

Councillor Browne said "The Parish Council had been made aware that representations would be made by various landowners and developers as part of that process and we felt it was appropriate to make our own representation as well.

"We have considered each proposal and our comments in relation to each are guided by the feedback we have received from residents following the recent Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire."

Below are the Parish Council's response to each of the four sites proposed for development.

Beech Road

The proposals, from Val Sims and her two brothers Alan and Dudley Wain who own approximately 150 acres of land east of the A34 bypass, include a mixture of bungalows, semi-detached and detached houses of two, three, four and five bedrooms, with a minimum of 30% to be affordable dwellings.

The proposal is for 100 homes but the Parish Council has gone back and said that the total allocation for Alderley Edge is 100 homes and they don't want these all to be on one site.

The Parish Council's view is "Both bungalows and affordable dwellings are in short supply in Alderley Edge. Further, a number of "community benefits" are proposed, including cycle/walking routes to Wilmslow, encouraging healthy lifestyles and reduced reliance on car journeys; a new allotment site which would allow for either of partial or full relocation from Heyes Lane, including a club house and recycling point for green allotment waste; and an extension to the Beech Road play area, with addition of a skatepark.

"Whilst there are potential drainage issues that would need to be addressed, it is the most environmentally sustainable of the sites proposed. The Parish Council therefore support in principle a development of 50 new dwellings at this site, subject to an S106 contribution towards a car park at Heyes Lane Allotments."

The new allotment site would be approximately 1.35 acres and provide 21 plots, enabling them to relocate some, or all, of the plots from Heyes Lane. Between the new allotments and the existing Beach Road allotment site there would be a community area with 6 parking spaces for allotment holders, a recycling point for green waste and a clubhouse which could be used by the Allotment Society.

The scheme also includes extending Beech Road playground by 0.63 acres and giving the existing play area a makeover along with a skate park.

The area behind the development, which has a problem with flooding, would be drained and a feature lake would be created with cycle paths running alongside it and adjacent to the A34 bypass which would end at the roundabout near Wilmslow High School where an underpass or bridge would be created to link up with the school.

Craig Browne said "The majority of the site is Green Belt but from an environmentally and sustainability point of view I think it has got a lot going for it.

"Of the four this is probably our most preferred option but we don't want all the houses on one site and it doesn't offer a car park for obvious reasons as it is too far away."

Whitehall Meadow (off Wilmslow Road)

David Wilson have put forward plans for a residential development of about 90 homes on the field off Wilmslow Road which is located behind Brookview Care Home and opposite the former Horseshoe Farm.

The proposal is a blank canvas in terms of the style, size and mix of dwellings; however, the provision of a new 50-space car park is proposed at the southeast corner of the site (adjacent to the footpath on Wilmslow Road) which would help to meet the village's current and future all-day parking requirements and which would be gifted to the Parish Council on completion, thereby providing a long-term economic benefit to the community.

The Parish Council's response is "In particular, a car park at this location would help alleviate pressure on Brook Lane and Lynton Lane. The Parish Council consider this to be a less environmentally sustainable development than Beech Road, but this is balanced against the fact that vehicles leaving the site could travel north to Wilmslow and beyond without having to enter Alderley Edge village.

"We are of the view that if this development went ahead, there would need to be a Section 278 agreement to construct a roundabout on Wilmslow Road to facilitate vehicular egress from the site. With this in mind, we could support in principle, a development of 50 new homes at this location."

Councillor Craig Browne said "Our allocation is expected to be about 100 new homes so we would be prepared to consider 50 on this site. We haven't discussed the details of the housing but have said that we need to see a car park because the thing the Beech Road does not provide is a car park and David Wilson have agreed to, irrespective of how many houses they build, provide 50 car parking spaces on the south east corner of the site.

"A lot of people have said this is too far out of the village but this would be a long stay car park and when you think of the proximity to Alderley Edge School for Girls and the station this would provide a good alternative to the on-street car parking that happens at the moment and they would give the car park to the Parish Council so we would have a long term revenue stream from it."

He added "We are also going to insist on a Section 278 agreement for a roundabout on Wilmslow Road, which is like a Section 106 agreement but with a 278 agreement the applicant does the work. The roundabout would be on Wilmslow Road itself (at the entrance to the development - opposite Horseshoe Farm), which would act as a good traffic calming measure as well."

Hole Farm (off the Alderley Edge bypass - pictured above)

Engine of the North, a Cheshire East owned company which is responsible for bringing the council's strategic land assets to the market, is proposing to build 10 semis and two bungalows at the site of the derelict dark brick building located adjacent to the Alderley Edge Bypass. All of which would be affordable housing.

Councillor Craig Browne said "We are in support of this in principle, it is in the Green Belt but it is effectively a brownfield site, previously developed land, and providing affordable housing."

He added "I will be asking for a Section 106 agreement for a traffic regulation order on Brook Lane, which I had drawn up last year but there was no money for. This is for no parking between 10am and 2pm to stop all day parking and force them to use the new car park but with a short stay pick up and drop off area for the school.

"Again I had this drawn up last year but it was not implementable until we have got somewhere for the cars to go to but if the Whitehall Meadow goes through then we will have a car park for them to use."

Ryleys Farm

In June 2016 Story Homes brought their proposals to build a development of up to 300 homes on Green Belt land to the south west of Alderley Edge to a public consultation event at the Festival Hall.

Story Homes, who have been appointed to represent the group of landowners, are proposing to build 300 new homes at Ryleys Farm, either side of Chelford Road, which is split into three parcels of 100 dwellings. These homes would be surrounded by 35 acres of safeguarded land, which is land safeguarded for development after 2030.

The scheme includes building a new primary school on the left hand side as you head out of the village on Chelford Road, along with public sports facilities which would be shared with the primary school. They are also proposing to create a drop off area, turning circle and sports pitch for The Ryleys school and a nature area between Wilton Crescent and the bypass.

Additionally a care home and allotments would be located at the back of the housing development and a new roundabout would be built on Chelford Road which would take the large lorries to the tomato farm via the back of the site.

Story Homes are also offering to provide a S106 contribution once everything is finalised for a decked car park at the existing car park on Ryleys Lane.

Councillor Craig Browne said "Whilst the proposals include some community benefits, the Parish Council remain strongly opposed to this proposal on the grounds that it represents an excessive level of development for a Local Service Centre; would have a major detrimental effect on the green belt; would heavily increase congestion in the village centre; exert further pressure on parking infrastructure, which is already at breaking point; is environmentally unsustainable; is unnecessary development, as the need for additional housing can be met through the other sites proposed, at minimal impact to the Green Belt."

The Parish Council has given their feedback to Cheshire East Council so this will now be followed up with discussions between Councillor Craig Browne, Adrian Fisher (Strategic Planning & Housing Manager at CEC) and the developers or landowners to see if an agreement can be reached.

Councillor Craig Browne added "As far as we know that is it (in terms of proposed development sites) but we feel that by working constructively in particular with the Beech Road and Whitehall Meadow sites we can fight this more effectively.

"The danger in not identifying any sites is that Cheshire East Council will identify the sites for us and they could identify this site (Story Homes proposal) whip would completely change the identity of Alderley Edge forever."

Councillor Craig Browne will be hoding his next monthly Community Surgery at Aldeli from 10am on Saturday 29th April where he will have hard copies of the proposals for the land off Beech Road, Whitehall Meadow and Ryleys Farm, if anyone would like to have a look at them.

What do you think about the four proposals? Which would be your preferred location for the 100 new homes Alderley Edge is required to provide by 2030? Share your views via the comment box below.

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Here's what readers have had to say so far. Why not add your thoughts below.

Rob Atkinson
Friday 14th April 2017 at 8:24 pm
The difficulties of setting a development immediately across the road from the Horseshoe Farm are plural. The access directly onto the the A34 would be obstructive, the land is farming//greenbelt probably etc. and most of all there is an historically aged tree which in the absence of the knowledge of local searches, sits in an aquifer pond. - See photo added above.
Jon Williams
Friday 14th April 2017 at 9:48 pm
The end of the village as you knew it, it's going to be a town,so sad
Carolynne Braisdell
Friday 14th April 2017 at 10:43 pm
North of Beech Road may seem a good option, my concern is, there is little space for the residents cars on that road, so how will they cope with extra traffic on such a small road from new visitors, after the developers increase the size of the playground?
Mark Hillyard
Monday 17th April 2017 at 5:47 pm
With regards to the Whitehall Meadow does anyone know who owns the land? I thought it was Cheshire East Council and so I would have expected Engine of the North to be leading the development if it was a suitable site and in which case I am not sure why the Parish Council are promoting only a David Wilson Homes' proposal - shouldn't there be a tendering process if the PC are doing this seriously? As pointed out already it does have flooding problems like so many other places around the village and I heard a rumour that it was the site of the old village tip - no doubt the PC will get a survey done.
Craig Browne
Monday 17th April 2017 at 7:04 pm
Hi Mark,

I can confirm that the land in question is not under the ownership of Cheshire East, although they do own a piece of land further to the north of this plot (roughly opposite to the Ryleys Sports Field). The land is under private ownership and the owners have given David Wilson Homes an option to purchase.

The Parish Council will not be "promoting" any of the sites; rather, we will be acting on feedback received from the village, through the recent Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire and adopting a considered approach based on the merits/demerits of each proposal.

Kind regards,
Alan Brough
Monday 17th April 2017 at 8:13 pm
Hi Craig,

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't their (for some considerable time) a large and prominent billboard affixed to the embankment adjacent to the Bypass where it crosses Brook lane stating that the land had been acquired by Jones Homes and that further details would be announced?
Craig Browne
Monday 17th April 2017 at 9:38 pm
Hi Alan,

Yes, you are right, but I think it related to the development of 20 apartments in place of the properties formerly known as Beech Lawn and Woodridge (both on Brook Lane). There is an existing planning permission for this development, which was granted back in January 2013. The application reference is 12/4038M.

Kind regards,
Duncan Herald
Tuesday 18th April 2017 at 9:32 am
Hi Craig,
when will the result/analysis of the Neighbourhood Plan be available?
How many questionaires were returned?
Will the result be publaished on the P.C's web site, or here (or both)?

Craig Browne
Tuesday 18th April 2017 at 12:18 pm
Hi Duncan,

All of the questionnaires returned (so far) have been passed on to Cheshire Community Action. As a Parish Council, we took the view that it was important for an independent third party to verify and collate the results, so to remove the potential for any accusation of bias in interpreting them.

We asked for the results of Section 2.1 (housing land supply) to be collated in time for us to respond to CEC's "Call for Sites" and in order of preference, they were as follows: (i) Harden Park, (ii) Hole Farm, (iii) Whitehall Meadow, (iv) Beech Road, (v) A34 Tomato Farm, (vi) Ryleys Farm, (vii) within the village, (viii) further infill development.

The full results will be published in due course on the Parish Council's website, on my Ward Councillor's blog and I would imagine, on as well.

Kind regards,
Roger Bagguley
Tuesday 18th April 2017 at 5:29 pm
With 275 houses coming to Alderley Park, well over 1000 to Wilmslow and current windfall numbers re infill etc already committed in the Plan period to Alderley it is difficult to justify taking any more land out of the Green Belt other than to satisfy the way Local Plans work and how infrastructure is afforded. Thus all policies act in opposition to those designed to protect the Green Belt.

There is an air of acceptance in this article. Sad really when there is such an over allocation of houses to this area when taking Wilmslow and Handforth into account. The proposal for land adjacent to Ryley's Farm is scary. The developer wants 300 now with a further 35 acres safeguarded for development after 2030 - just 13 years hence. This is the first time I have seen land measured in acres and wonder why this is so? At 30 units per hectare this equates to around 450 additional houses here post 2030.

Good luck Craig in your attempts to restrict the ambitions of the developers and those of CEC who seem anxious to grab as much land from the Green Belt this time round so as to guarantee their lust for growth in the coming years.
Roger Birch
Tuesday 18th April 2017 at 11:21 pm
The recurring theme in many articles re Alderley is traffic and services. However, the focus has tended to be on extra car parks rather than some of the roads themselves and hence access to some of the proposed developments. Extra houses will mean extra traffic on already inadequate roads - especially towards Beech Road where Davey Lane in particular is a problem.
Do the developments take a more holistic approach to other infrastructure, e.g widening existing roads, or are their proposals merely looking at the more 'politically acceptable' issues?
Craig Browne
Wednesday 19th April 2017 at 8:50 pm
Hi Roger,

Thanks for your comments. Should any of these developments go ahead, then there would be a need to look at other aspects of our infrastructure. These would normally be addressed if and when a planning application came forward. A second access point to the Beech Road site is something that we would want to see addressed.

The challenge for us is whether improvements in our infrastructure (many of which are probably needed anyway) are more likely to be delivered as a result of infill development within the village, or by allowing small-scale development within the green belt. It is not an easy question to answer and will invariably divide opinion.

Kind regards,
Duncan Herald
Thursday 20th April 2017 at 7:31 pm
Re. a part of the above.
The proposed allotment site (if the Beech Rd.area is so chosen): Heyes Lane about 1.35 acres and proposed new site about 1.13 acres (quite a close match). Also a 6-car reserved parking area for the use of allotment users, also a possible Clubhouse for the Allotments Soc. Nice work guys !

So if all that goes ahead, will the whole of the Heyes Lane site be given over to car parking?

By the way, the guys who 'have' the former Horseshoe Farm site, having already produced parking for 50 or so cars are in the process of turning the field (borders Alderley/Wilmslow Rd. and Horseshoe Lane), into another temporary car park (for staff and clients only I believe). Private enterprise getting on with it ?

The proposed skateboarding errection to be no longer proposed for the Park, but to be put in the Beech Rd. play area. Pleases me at least.
Roger Birch
Friday 21st April 2017 at 3:57 am
Hi Craig
It's one thing to talk about putting in another road to the Beech Road site but if it comes from the Hough (and I haven't seen the latest proposal as yet), it not only will add traffic to an already inadequate road but also has the potential to create additional 'through' traffic through the estate where Beech Road is - thereby compounding further the traffic issues.
Also, I note talk of the 'benefits' of having paths and bikeways to Wilmslow, but surely this is one of the biggest disadvantages of this site - namely the removal of the green belt between Alderley and Wilmslow and thereby merely adding Alderley to the ever spreading suburbia of Manchester.
Roger Bagguley
Friday 21st April 2017 at 10:28 am
Roger, me not being a native of Alderley but of Wilmslow, you have confirmed my fear that the Beech Road proposal begins a process of nibbling away at the South end of the Green Belt that serves its purpose of separating the two. Local Conservative Councillors for Wilmslow all queued up to have the north end, known as Land South of Prestbury Road, selected for development in preference to the sites allocated in the Plan. As you have indicated we should all seek to make sure this land remains Green Belt so as to secure Alderley's future as a Cheshire village and not a part of Greter Manchester.
Roger Birch
Saturday 22nd April 2017 at 2:17 am
Roger. To add to your comments, the brook which is at the edge of the proposed development is, to my understanding, the boundary between Alderley and Wilmslow. So, if this development north of Beech Road were to go ahead, Alderley would then be at the mercy of others to remove the last vestiges of any green belt identifying Alderley as a separate village.
Also, whereas I am not an allotment holder, it worries me that this new Council still have their eyes on the Heyes Lane allotments (as mentioned in the proposal to build north of Beech Road) when a petition signed by over half the Alderley ratepayers opposed the previous Conservative Council's attempt to grab land bequeathed to Alderley for that purpose and, to a large extent, generated the angst against the previous Council.
Craig Browne
Saturday 22nd April 2017 at 11:07 am
Hi Roger,

I did try to call on you yesterday, as I would like to try and discuss the proposals with you in more detail than is possible here; however, you were obviously out when I called. Perhaps you could email me () and we could set up a convenient time?

You are correct that Whitehall Brook is indeed the ward boundary; however, the proposed development (assuming it went ahead) would occupy only a very small proportion of the field. In fact, more of the field would be occupied by allotment land and children's play area, than it would by houses.

Regarding the Heyes Lane allotments, I think the key distinction is that both myself as the Ward Councillor and the current Parish Council are working WITH the Allotment Society on a proposal that most people recognise as being a reasonable compromise.

Wishing you a nice weekend. Kind regards,
Kelvin Briggs
Saturday 22nd April 2017 at 9:51 pm
How many Parish Councillors or their partners have allotments in Alderley
Mike Dudley-Jones
Saturday 22nd April 2017 at 10:32 pm

It shouldn't really concern you as you don't live in Alderley Edge - but the answer you seek is two.
Alan Brough
Sunday 23rd April 2017 at 7:52 am
Could we perhaps encourage MORE allotment holders to join the Parish and or County Council? After all, they are probably more likely to be sympathetic toward the Green Belt and natural environment than others.

I feel sure that this was what Kelvin was striking after.
Roger Birch
Sunday 23rd April 2017 at 11:58 am
Hi Craig. I've emailed you as requested and would be happy to talk.

However, for the sake of this site, I should note that any development on the field north of Beech Road would still cut into the smallest section of green belt that this Council actually has any say in and, as such, is probably the one that should be most protected.

I also worry when politicians talk of "most people" and being "reasonable" in the same breath - especially when, to my knowledge, there has been no polling since the petition signed by half the residents. You may of course be right, but that's not my point. I recall hearing at the meeting to found Alderley First the promise to communicate and so when I see these proposals suddenly appearing, I am concerned.

Finally - and then I'll wait to talk with you! - I thought one one the main issues with the allotments was the bequest. I still feel any move on this land lacks moral authority.
Duncan Herald
Sunday 23rd April 2017 at 1:16 pm
Hi Kelvin,
might you have phrased your question a trifle differently? Such as 'have or used to have' ?
Craig Browne
Sunday 23rd April 2017 at 1:46 pm
Hi Roger,

That's great, thanks.

I think it's important for me to say that the proposals have been brought forward by private landowners and/or developers. The Parish Council's role has been to make residents aware of these proposals and also to consult upon them, through the vehicle of the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire.

Before any of the policies of a Neighbourhood Plan can come into effect, it is subject to a neighbourhood referendum where it has to gain over 50% support (of those who choose to vote) in order to be adopted. We are not yet at this stage in the process, but hope to be before the end of the year.

Kind regards,
David Hadfield
Monday 24th April 2017 at 6:40 am
Mike DudleyJones, I find your answer to Kelvin Briggs extremely offensive and arrogant. As an Alderley Edge resident, let me make a similar request ;
Do you or your family have any involvement with Alderley Edge Allotments ?
If so, what exactly ?

Furthermore, after you and your Alderley First Group were voted into the Parish Council almost two years ago, with the Allotments and Car Parking subjects being high on the agenda, you have failed miserably on both counts.

In fact, I may go as far to suggest that this village has probably LOST car parking spaces whilst you lot have been in office ?
Mike Dudley-Jones
Monday 24th April 2017 at 8:26 am
David Hadfield

My wife organises the Alderley Edge Allotments and Garden Show and has done for the last three years. It takes a huge amount of work.

I am sorry if that 'offends' you or Kelvin in some way.
David Hadfield
Monday 24th April 2017 at 8:46 am
Mike Dudley-Jones ;

Getting back to the Allotments scenario, by your reply I presume as your wife organises the Allotments Show, she and you own an Allotment site here in Alderley Edge ? ....... Yes or No ?

If yes, would this be a conflict of interest, on one hand being on the Parish Council, and on the other hand owning or being a part-owner of an Allotment ?

Does this mean you have a vested interest in keeping the Allotments and not wanting to see any Car Park built where the Heyes Lane Allotments are ?

Would this be correct or not ? (interested to hear your views)
Duncan Herald
Monday 24th April 2017 at 9:51 am
time to dismount from your 'high horse'?

1. A touch of curiosity about A.E. from someone outside the village can surely just be
answered? We mustn't be parochial (yes gentle reader, that is meant to be a weak joke !)

2. There is just a hint you of 'avoiding an answer' here?
(a) do you now, or have you ever 'worked' an allotment in A.E. ?
(b) are you now or have you ever been an 'Officer' of the 'Allotments and Gardens Soc.' ?

3. How many of the current Parish Council are or have been 'working' an allotment in
Alderley Edge?

4. How many of the current Parish Council are or have been 'Officers' of the 'Allotments and
Gardens Soc. in Alderley Edge ?

5. Given that the Parish Council is the 'Landlord' of the allotments, is any one/some of the
Parish Councillors tasked with managing relations with the A. & G Soc. ?

Just give the answers eh?
I can't see ought wrong with having an allotment or being elected to help run the allotments.! Something to be proud of I'd think.
Craig Browne
Monday 24th April 2017 at 10:31 am
Hi Duncan,

I think most of your questions would be best answered by Mike DJ; however, I would like to pick up your final question. Since the last election, I have managed the relationship between the Parish Council and the Allotment Society, meeting with members of the Committee on many occasions.

We felt it was important that someone who does not have an allotment should be the person to manage this relationship, precisely to avoid any potential accusations of conflict of interest. Parish Councillors who are also allotment holders, do not vote on any matters pertaining to the allotments.

Although I am not an allotment holder myself, I do think it is important to have Councillors who are actively involved in the social fabric of the village, through membership of the various clubs and organisations.

Kind regards,
Mike Dudley-Jones
Monday 24th April 2017 at 11:56 am
David and Duncan

I have an Allotment on Chorley Hall Lane site. At the time of the election in 2015 I was the Prsident of the Allotment and Gardens Society but resigned before the election as I did not there to be. Any conflict of interest.

I do not vote on discussions about the Allotments at Council meetings.

I play no part in the running of the Allotment Society other that to help my wife on the Garden Show day but I do dig and mow sometimes when time allows.

My personal view is that the Heyes Lane Allotment site would serve more people's interests in the Village if part of it became a car park to serve the Festival Hall - not for long term parking. The remainder of the site should be turned into a beautiful park and it would seem sensible if the Village would agree that we move the War Memorial from the busy corner it sits on at the moment to the centre of that new park.

The route to achieving this and to the raising of the necessary funds has been well documented here on this website and it remains somewhat torturous however finding a realistic alternative site for the Allotment holders at Heyes Lane helps to make this process easier.

As a Parish Council we seek to place the 'options' we have available to us in front of our residents. As Craig Browne has already explained these will then be voted upon in a referendum as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process.

For the record and to help those who seek to label me as 'An Allotment Holder' I would willingly move from my site or any other I had rented if I felt there was an urgent need to use the land I and others temporarily used for more useful purposes. If I had felt otherwise I would not, in all honesty, have put myself forward to become a Parish Councillor.

I also drive a car. Perhaps that should preclude me from discussing car parking!
Duncan Herald
Monday 24th April 2017 at 12:37 pm
Hi Craig,

as usual your reply is prompt and polite.

Do I take it then that you've never been an 'allotmentista' ?

Some of my questions above have been answered. Thank you.

Why can't questions just be answered I wonder, instead of a 'dragging out' having to be done. That simply wastes everyone's time and energy. I don't think there are deep, dark secrets at stake after all e.g. there is still no figure re. how many of the current 9 Parish Councillors are/ have been; just a simple figure would do.
Mike Dudley-Jones
Monday 24th April 2017 at 3:27 pm
Fenton Simpson
Tuesday 25th April 2017 at 5:46 pm
I would like to add as chairman of the allotment society that the two Parish Councillors who do have allotments: Mike Tailorson and Ruth Norbury are more than welcome to attend any allotment committee meetings or our AGM as any members but they choose not to as they are Parish Coucillors.

This would lead them to a similar conflict of interest as them voting or taking part on any Parish Council matters pertaining to allotment matters, which they don't including Mike Dudley Jones although as his wife has an allotment also doesn't take part in any PC matters relating to allotment matters but of course may have an opnion on them.

I think this shows they have ingreity and I'm pleased to say that Craig Browne has been a great mediator between the PC and allotment society.

We don't agree on everything but we can have a good discussion. We are being asked to give up 20% of the heyes lane allotments site.

Mike Dudley Jones is not an a current allotment holder but did hold the position of president at the time of the election and that's why he stood down and the position has now removed from our constitution as it was a legacy position.

I'm sure Mike will not be upset if I mention that he simply now helps to mow the grass from time to time on his wife's allotment paths.

Mrs Dudley jones is very import to the village show organisation and has my continued support and thanks for her work every year.

I would add that the allotment society doesn't control the Parish Council anymore than we control the wine list the bubble room or the reduction counter in Waitrose...