Youths ramp up efforts for skate park and better seating


Members of Alderley Edge Youth Council, which was established last year to enable the younger generation to have an influence on developments in the village, have been working hard to secure further enhancements to the village park.

The four oldest members, on behalf of the ten youth councillors, attended the monthly Parish Council meeting on Monday, 13th March, to update them on their activities and their priorities for additional improvements.

The Youth Council are currently working on three key areas, which are creating a seating area and skating park as well as upgrading the current equipment. They are also in the process of applying for various grants to help them achieve these goals.

Francesca explained "We are keen to create a seating area in the park. The park is well used by office staff for lunches, parents and residents however there is only limited seats at the moment. Our initial thoughts are to create a seating area, which has a clear view of the play equipment whilst being slightly set back for those looking for some quiet to sit.

"We have invited a local garden designer along to our next meeting who will be bale to translate our ideas into drawings."

George told the councillors "Through our consultation with our peers it was very clear that an area to skate was top of the list of priorities."

He added "We spoke to someone recently who asked why we were skating on the front of Wilmslow. We explained that there was nowhere suitable in the village, however the Youth Council were looking into providing somewhere in the future. They were delighted to hear we were doing something proactive about it and were keen to make a donation to the project."

They are yet to decide on the best location for the skate park, and welcome any suggestions or ideas, but one that has been identified is the grass area between the tennis courts and children's play area.

Speaking about the potential location, Councillor Rachael Grantham said "We are trying to keep as much of the green space as we can whilst using the areas that are perhaps not as well used as they can be."

Members of the Youth Council have also met with Cheshire East Council's park inspectors who gave them guidance about what they could and couldn't do to improve Alderley Edge Park.

Joseph said "They recommended that we look at replacing a couple of pieces of equipment that were reaching the end of their life."

He added "The ultimate aim is to make better use of the play equipment areas whilst retaining plenty of green space."

Councillor Craig Browne told the youth councillors "I am working with Cheshire East to try and find some section 106 money, which is a bit like a grant from Cheshire East, to try and help fund some of what you have been discussing. It's not going to fund everything and we're probably going to have to do some fundraising ourselves as well but we'll do everything we can to get as much as we can from Cheshire East."

Councillor Oliver Hunter, the Mayor of Cheshire East Council, was invited to attend the Alderley Edge Youth Parish Council meeting last week so they could learn more about her role but also to tell her about their organisation and the projects they are working on.

Councillor Rachael Grantham said "It was a lovely evening and it was nice to hear a little bit more about her role at Cheshire East and the councillors gained a lot in hearing about her life as a councillor and she enjoyed hearing a little bit about our projects, the park but also our fundraising projects."

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Craig Browne
Tuesday 14th March 2017 at 3:19 pm
It was great to be joined at last night's Parish Council meeting by some of our current Youth Councillors. They are a very enthusiastic and engaged group, who are doing a great job of representing the views of other young people in our village. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Never let it be said that young people are not community minded or interested in their village. As I have always said, if you give them some responsibility, they will invariably step up to the plate. We are very lucky to have them. Well done!
Fiona Doorbar
Tuesday 14th March 2017 at 4:48 pm
May I suggest retaining all the current green space at the village centre park and locating the skatepark on the Beech Road site.
Well done to all that are getting involved
Rachael Grantham
Tuesday 14th March 2017 at 6:48 pm
Thank you Fiona, we are very keen to keep as much of the green space as we can whilst making improvements in the park. We are looking at a range of possible locations and will include Beech Road in our considerations.

Best wishes,

Nicholas Ridings
Tuesday 14th March 2017 at 8:12 pm
Rachael and the team are the right people to decide on what the village needs for our younger members. The rest of the older generation need to recognize that they need activities they what to do. So if a skate park area is on their hit list, I am right behind it. Our park is an underutilized precious space as it is, so spreading the age range interest, is for me, a priority for both PC time and available cash.
Charlie Gaughan
Wednesday 15th March 2017 at 11:23 am
Isn't it nice to see something working in the vilage I hope that Rachel and the youth council keep it up
Alan Brough
Wednesday 15th March 2017 at 12:06 pm
I agree with above comments - great initiative to give young people a proper say in what happens in their village.
Duncan Herald
Wednesday 15th March 2017 at 5:02 pm
Alas no-one is getting involved in providing facilities for the elderly, in the park.
Perhaps there needs to be an 'Alderley Edge Old Codgers Council' ?
Elizabeth Mooney
Wednesday 15th March 2017 at 8:20 pm
Very pleased about this. Well done to all involved. The park is the ideal choice as it is centrally located and ideally suited for these activities. Fresh air and exercise and off the computer games all goid for the youngsters.
Glenn Hudson
Thursday 16th March 2017 at 7:12 am
A lovely idea. If there is any need for some inspiration there's a concrete skatepark under the Mancunian way which always seems very busy. The only concern here I guess is that should we be lucky enough to get similar the graffiti is regularly updated. Nothing detracts more from the visual beauty of a skatepark than out of date expletives about Harold Macmillan.
Anne Hillier
Thursday 16th March 2017 at 6:12 pm
Well done to the Youth Council. It would be a great asset to have a skate park in Alderley Edge. I love the table tennis in the park which is something for the young and old. If you are considering other activities for the park, how about permanenent chess, draughts and domino tables in the seating areas for the young and old alike?
Rachael Grantham
Friday 17th March 2017 at 9:45 am
Thank you for all your comments. We have taken them all onboard and will discuss them at our next Youth Council meeting.

Best wishes,

Duncan Herald
Friday 17th March 2017 at 9:57 am
great idea re. permanent stuff on tables.

Tennis table stuff a bit not-quite, as the bats are being broken and the balls crushed and lots of broken glass alcohol bottles around. I've no idea how to stop it, does anyone out there have a suggestion please?
Rachael Grantham
Friday 17th March 2017 at 1:40 pm
Hi Duncan,

We are currently thinking about how we can improve this. We are working closely with the schools and groups in the village to find a solution. Any suggestions are very welcome.

I believe the ping pong tables are being well used and we are sure this will continue over the summer months. It's inevitable that the bats and balls will get damaged but these are being funded privately at the moment. I try to replace them when I notice they need it.

We are very lucky to have such a fantastic park in the village, hopefully, going forward we can improve the facilities whilst retaining plenty of green space.

Best wishes,

Duncan Herald
Monday 20th March 2017 at 2:52 pm
Thanks Rachael,
is it possible to install 'hidden' CCTV and then we could 'name and shame' the vandals ?
Jon Williams
Monday 20th March 2017 at 8:22 pm
I don't think you can have "Hidden" camera's today Duncan and you must display sign/s to say you are using them !
Alan Brough
Monday 20th March 2017 at 9:59 pm
Not too long ago, when my mum was District Nurse, you wouldn't have needed CCTV cameras. She would have been able to tell you who was causing trouble, where they lived., and what she'd done about it.

Sadly, those days have gone.