Plans to introduce new one-way system in village centre


Cheshire East Council is proposing to introduce a new one-way system in the village centre.

The draft plans are to make both South Street and West Street one-way, along with George Street - which would enable seven short stay parking bays to be created on George Street (shown in green above).

If George Street is made one-way, in the direction of South Street, then it has been suggested that the direction of the one-way traffic on Brown Street could be reversed to provide another access point to London Road.

Councillor Craig Browne said "The principal reason for this scheme is to improve pedestrian and vehicle safety at the junction of the two streets."

Do you agree that the junction of South Street and West Street is currently dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers? Do you support the proposal to introduce a one-way system? Do you think George Street should be included in the scheme?

Share your views on the proposals via the comment box below and let Councillor Browne know by completing his short survey

George Street, South Street, West Street


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Graham Hall
Tuesday 14th March 2017 at 3:08 pm
Significant expence for very little gain - 6 parking bays on George st. No the junction is not dangerous for drivers or pedestrians. Have there been accidents ? has anyone been injured .Perhaps there should be some evidence presented .?Pointless and wasteful .
Karen Robinson
Tuesday 14th March 2017 at 8:33 pm
Well I think this is great. West street is almost as bad as the entrance to Waitrose car park when the 4x4's bounce up the footpath to get as close to the cash machine as possible making a bottle neck!

As for south street, those new spaces added ! A collision waiting to happen until the one way is in place!

Maybe putting railings on the corners of West street would also help prevent an accident as it would make people walk to the crossing.

One more thing, still missing the no entry sign on chapel street!
Craig Browne
Tuesday 14th March 2017 at 11:14 pm
Hi Karen,

Thanks very much for your comments.

Just to briefly reply to a couple of the points you raised: the new parking spaces on South St were added in the knowledge that funds would be available to introduce the one-way system shortly afterwards (ideally the two projects would have been done together, but it wasn't possible as the spaces were funded by the Area Highways Group, whereas the one-way system will be funded using Section 106 monies); the missing "No Entry" sign at the end of Chapel St has been reported and CE Highways are in the process of dealing with it.

Best wishes,
Graham McLelland
Wednesday 15th March 2017 at 9:09 am
This idea will not stop the continuous traffic offenders from driving along Clifton St and Stephan St and Green St &Brown St the wrong way when is something going to be done about that?
Karen Robinson
Thursday 16th March 2017 at 8:29 am
Thanks Craig.
Unfortunately Graham, one way to some drivers means whichever that one way they want to go will be!
I've had a number on occasions on Steven street but I make sure I stand ground and make them back up and turn round! Lol
Elaine Napier
Friday 17th March 2017 at 7:12 pm
I was attempting to leave a parking space on Brown Street earlier this week when a dimwit in a Mercedes sports car came along South Street heading towards the Post Office. He decided his best parking option was to reverse down Brown Street at speed, nearly hitting my car. He hurtled to a halt just past me and then screeched into the space I was vacating.

Recognise yourself? It seems to me that, whatever traffic calming Craig Browne attempts to achieve in Alderley Edge, there will always be people like you - the dangerous, thoughtless, selfish and bullying - to contend with.