Barlow's Beef: Is Donald Trump heading our way?


Does Donald Trump scare you? Does the thought of this misogynistic, crass megalomaniac becoming President of the United States fill you with dread? Yes... me too.

So, what's going on? How has an inexperienced candidate who has never held any political office created such a devoted following? Why would great swathes of people across the socio-economic spectrum embrace this man? Yet Mr Trump's candidacy is drawing thousands of disillusioned voters back into politics.

Voters who have not exercised the franchise for decades are turning out for Mr Trump. Despite his promise to erect a wall along the Mexican border restricting the entry of illegal immigrants Mr Trump is enjoying huge Hispanic support. It's a real enigma... or is it?

Having spent a large part of my life living and working in the USA I remain in daily contact with friends, clients and business associates right across the States and their enthusiasm for Mr Trump's campaign is staggering.

These are not bigoted right-wing extremists but doctors, teachers, farmers and factory workers united, not by Donald Trump's charisma, but their mutual condemnation of slick, media-savvy, politicians.

Every accidental error, slip and blunder made by Mr Trump only endears him to the public many of whom see him as a 'real' person who shares their imperfections rather than some politically correct, party puppet.

Millions of families across the US feel democracy has failed them. They believe their hopes and aspirations have been replaced by vested interests. Donald Trump's astounding success is nothing more than rejection of the status quo.

Every negative news story regarding Mr Trump is seen as another smear campaign employed by the political elite to derail any threat to their dominance. Regardless of their veracity these stories are driving more voters into the Trump camp.

Too many Americans believe they have no voice. Their confidence in the system has been exhausted.

Step forward Mr Trump.

Is he the Messiah that will restore their faith? Obviously Mr Trump's supporters are willing to give him a shot.

"I don't care if he has been married three times and has never asked God to forgive his sins Donald Trump is talking about issues no one else has the guts to deal with," said one of my American friends.

Could a similar phenomenon happen in the UK?

I thought it rather unlikely until I heard Boris Johnson refer to one of his policies as a 'complete cock up' and found myself applauding his imperfections.

"I'd vote for Boris," said Mrs B. "At least he owns up."

Interesting thought isn't it?

(Of course nothing like this could ever happen in Cheshire East....)

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