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Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

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This year, Physiofit celebrates delivering physiotherapy services in Alderley Edge for 25 years. To further expand our services, we have opened a fantastic new clinic in Wilmslow within the FITISM gym giving us access to state of the art indoor and outdoor rehabilitation facilities.

We have developed a broad cross section of expertise allowing us to offer physiotherapy services to patients of all ages. We offer treatment for the injured patient seeing conditions such as neck and back pain, whiplash, arthritis, patients who have had surgery and following sprains and strains. However, we believe it is better not to wait for an injury to occur before starting physiotherapy and have a highly successful and unique screening programme. This is based on identifying the strengths and weaknesses within the body to enable a targeted approach to strengthening exercises so results are more effective.

Our philosophy is clear and simple

"to work with you proactively to support you in reaching long lasting optimum health and peak performance."

Our injury prevention programme can be adapted to suit the growing child, sports men and women and for older patients to reduce the risk of falling ensuring all patients, irrespective of age or ability can reach their full potential and be the best they can be.

We have extensive knowledge in sport. We offer a running analysis to develop speed and agility and improving running technique and have two highly trained cycle specialist physios who can assess both the rider and make adaptations to bike settings to improve performance. Our priority is to give you the body that will enable you to achieve the movements required for your sport so technique development and performance are not limited and result in injury. We have a wide spectrum of expertise within the team and all our screening packages and rehab sessions can be adapted to cover any sport and are available at both our sites.

We have a specific interest in the developing child and offer age appropriate treatments in a fun and stimulating manner by staff who have extensive peadiatric training and have all been registered with the DBS. We offer classes for 11-16-year old's developing movement skills, strength and fitness at our gym environment at our FITISM base at Wilmslow Rugby Club. We also offer these types of session on a 1:1 and small group basis for both children and adults.

We pride ourselves on having therapists who have their own fields of specialism. These include Jean Thistleton who is a vestibular therapist offering treatment for conditions such as BPPV, dizziness following concussion and whiplash and she also treats migraine and headaches. Fiona Wallis is a Women's Health physio offering ante and post-natal services and treatment for incontinence. We offer a chronic pain service and many of team are qualified in acupuncture.

We are one of the few physiotherapy clinics who have a dedicated team based in the community for the provision of treatment for patients in their later life and those with neurological conditions. The team have a broad spectrum of experience and are not only orthopaedic trained but have extensive respiratory, neuro and falls prevention experience. They offer home visits for those patients who would struggle to come in to one of our clinics targeted at maintaining fitness and independence. We also offer classes every week for those keen to maintain fitness as they get older including balance training, strength and postural re-education.

The physio team is complimented by a podiatrist, Deborah Pace for those patients who require chiropody or orthoses and we also offer sports massage, holistic therapies and counselling with clinical hypnotherapy. We are covered by all insurance companies and can take direct patient self-referral for those not covered by medical insurance.

For more details visit our web site or call us for a chat and see how we can help you stay injury free 01625 590444.


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